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Jul 18, 2020

Android is the most versatile system for smartphones. Many vendors and manufacturers bring their phones to market with various designs and starters. You can replace the original Larcher with the latest OnePlus Launcher apk (20000). It has the ability to change wallpapers, icons, and application settings. This app is very easy to hold your device at high capacity. Remember that a developer can introduce this lure for a smartphone in their production. This is why other phones are activated. As long as the phone specifications are compatible, you don't have to worry about replacing the splash screen with this app.

Luncher is an app that lets you customize the overall look on the splash screen and Android. As you know, Android is open source and every vendor has the right to develop a different launcher. You can check one phone with another. Their launch programs or appearance will be different, but other features of the app and phone are the same. The projection can only change the appearance, e.g. For example, adjust the background image, symbols, and some color changes.

OnePlus Launcher for Android is different from others due to some features. This gives stability, speed and adaptability. You can change the start screen to your liking. This provides intuitive options for changing. When you're done, double-check to make sure your selection is consistent and appropriate. In addition, the preview has the ability to show customization before it can be applied to the home screen.

In addition, this app has a feature called shelf. You can change widgets like memos, weather, and current contacts. In general, use the Contact Protocol to find all records of contact or call. On the shelf, you can put all of the current contact's information in the bins. It is similar to another category, e.g. Current application b. Instead of a regular open application; Your last app is displayed on the shelf on the Home screen. An interesting feature is an icon. Using the original lure will give you standard and common signs. In OnePlus, the icons can be replaced with some packages.

How can I use the app?

This lure is automatically replaced by your old one. To adjust the look, hold the screen until the menu appears. You can change the wallpaper by default or choose from your gallery. After selecting the image or photo for the background image, the preview will be displayed. Double-check that the photo on your home screen is full. Then the setting is complete. Use the icon package to change the original icon to a different theme.

You may download more packages if the standard package is not sufficient. Then the symbols change automatically. As mentioned above this app has a feature called shelf. You can organize items, icons, and applications into a single category. The most commonly used groups are Recent, Contacts, and Favorites. Create your own category, and then add the right apps. As always, the user can customize the widget too. To add a new one, just tap the menu, hold it, and drag. Generally, this application is similar to other launches but it is lighter and has many features.

What's New

  1. Support swipe down to access shelf, check supported models here: forums.oneplus.com/threads/now-access-the-shelf-by-swiping-down-with-the-new-launcher-v-4-5.1239940/
  2. General bug fixes