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3.9 for Android
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Sep 16, 2017

PokeSensor is a Pokemon application supported application. You can view Pokemon shared by others in your area. If you have searched some of the Pokemon around it, you can add that Pokemon for a long time by clicking on the map to make a particular format. That way, users can help each other to get worldwide Pokesensor application destinations for Pokemon devices. You can view shared by other users on the Pokémon Places maps. You can exit by clicking on the map Pokémon for a long time.

Scan Pokemon in real-time and they all look on the map of your device! You can find scans for each Pokemon 2000 meter radius to hide.

Scan the area for Pokemon PokeSensor, you can show the exact position of each Pokemon. Look for your current position on the map, a point scan press and hold or scan from there, or use the original search function.

Note that Pokemon go now, and we have no validation Despawn time Pokemon for less than 90 seconds. We'll count for 30 minutes instead of Pokemon and then the card disappears. This gives a rough estimate of how long Pokemon have been.

Go to the PokeSensor app for Pokémon community users. Send the original Pokémon. We are here to help them, they do not cheat. Be careful at all times, may be aware of your surroundings. If you order or you can't find a local Pokémon for the first time, don't worry. They help others share the real Pokemon website. We are sure they can help you. Release the Pokémon pen and tap to catch where you found the Pokémon. First, zoom in on the map and then certain position Pokémon. Don't throw away the wrong pen.


• Scanning Pokémon near each location

• See Pokemon's IVs on the map

• Distance scanning and scanning speed optimized

• Locate all Pokemon area scans

• Scanning up to a radius of 1,000 meters

• Touch and hold the map to scan for each location or move your PIN

• Clean, original interface and easy control

PokeSensor is a great, free and fully customizable scanner for Pokemon. There are a lot of great features and everything can be adjusted manually. You can easily maintain the scan speed distance.

Uses the PokeSensor application interface and the app is easy to use. After the scan is shown, there are some Pokemon differences between all of their IVs useful about Pokemon (invisible). PokeSensor 2 km The scanner can scan at the radius (2000 meters) and it shows the exact location of all Pokemon. It also gives a running background and all the warnings.

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