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Jul 03, 2020

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Rankings

Download it before you enjoy the game better read some reviews about it. This game is the best action game can be found in Google Play. In some special cases that are better than others. Overall the game is simple gameplay. Factors players can make the game more love and enjoy their leisure time in the game. In the game, you have the opportunity to fight with the type of robot in the global league or tournament.

Action is very interesting because of how you can get as attempt jabs, uppercuts, and some special moves to win the deadly champion belt, boxing movement. Please note that you will not champion the belt robot!

There are more than 50 robotic fighting machines Titan, legends and fans who support their superstar robot to pick a battle. Then you are able to find a Bluetooth connection with your friends via local Wi-Fi or not.

Great graphics make the game developers to create it. The rest of the players are interested in 3D graphics. The game uses the characters, even though the actual size to create detailed graphics and animation characters, some of which movements can be fully exposed.

On the other hand, utilizes the distinctive sound of the game. If you have a fight with your enemy, you will hear a challenge to a fight, which is the real voice of RAM.

Game Features:

Unleash Robot Titans

Zeus, Atom's voice favorite superstars boy and includes Twin Cities - high 9 meters, 2,000 high 37 ultimate fighting machines, robots, and legends Titans fans pounds.

Disputes with friends in real-time

Enjoying your true self and live the present moment in a local Wi-Fi and Bluetooth multiplayer when you earn bragging win!

Win exciting challenges!

Acting career multiplayer modes and all categories of new winners and champions.

True Action Experience

Make a list of your favorite sports arenas and stadiums robots and take captivating legends.

Grows and your champion color

Upgrade your robot and fight strong, fast and normal. Robot color, have some fun and color!

Show your victory

Win challenges and achievements to show a completely new trophy room.

Get fame Theater

Top 11 Large Theater hard rule is that in the medium-sized machines can be very large.

Relive the inspirational film

Steel film slot official boxing game. Press sequel titled Amazing Experience champion robot.

Here are some tips to play

There are some tips you need to know to enjoy the big game. First, you have a real coin itself and pushing the real gold collection. In such cases, you can buy glasses robot upgrades and new equipment.

Try to win the fight to get more points if it is advisable to cope with amateur robots. However, the release of energy falling on the core. Holding your soul thing, because the energy core, you have to fight without a chance. Then of course, you have to update some of the characteristics of the character, you can look forward to face the challenge of Legends!


  • The new robot
  • The reception fire boy blighting thanks to the forest. Keep your opponent.
  • Special offers
  • How to play the best new deals and special thanks to Discover proceed.
  • Epic Event and Awards
  • To participate in the exciting development of win great prizes.
  • Upgrade robot
  • Token improves the competitiveness of the stage to accept the challenge. Get powerful robots and update them.
  • Last gameplay
  • Simple and easy customizable gameplay.

What's New

  • User Interface improvements for enhanced navigation and gameplay experience.
  • Bug Fixes and Optimizations done for effortless gameplay.
  • Improved visual experience with new Graphics Settings for new GPUs.
  • Adjustments made to PvP mode for smoother and effortless gameplay.
  • Discover awesome new Deals and Offers as you advance in the game.
  • Get “ZeroG”. Blast your opponent with flaming rockets.
  • Participate in exciting new Events to win amazing Rewards.