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Titanfall - Assault Apk

61.5 MB
2.1.4 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 08, 2018

In addition to the Titanium case! The sharpness of the new Mobile RTS action and experience sharpens PVP combat to define freedom in the frontier battlefield in style with the new. Get your unique Android Bake Titan today!

The brand new Pilot two units test the titans and their combat skills by releasing controls, including special units, in the case of Titanium, the only mobile game with a powerful arsenal. Sim ninja, boomers, ions, bake and fight for the use of border control more on the field. Powerful support including collecting and provisioning of strategic burn cards, dozens of card upgrades.

In the fight for connecting or expanding the universe of dynamic Titanfall drama with guild and friends and multiple cards. Play more at the crash site, Angel City, Boneyard.

Plan for epic PvP victory over enemy forces in the battle to make your way and compete for prizes and fame rankings. Collect and win. Organize and destroy. And your forces to conquer the border war.


• Its fluid uses the combat speed of pilots and titans.

• Head dynamic real-time strategy war-to-head warfare.

• Win the pilot, antagonize the Titan's powerful deck, and burn the card.

• Multiple card Titanium case unfolds its forces on the expanding universe.

• Play with your friends or guild.

What's New

ASH Uses a vortex shield and hacks and controls enemy Spectres. PHASE RONIN Dual-wields swords and has a unique phase execution. BOOMTOWN New Map with ziplines and Reapers that spawn for each side. GUILD MISSIONS Send and assist missions with your Guild to earn Card XP. NEW LIVE EVENTS New multi-tiered event types to earn extra rewards. OTHER IMPROVEMENTS Support for ultra-wide aspect ratio devices.