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Oct 04, 2019

Township is a city-building and farming game. Farm Food and entertainment is a small town where you can start building their agriculture, to enhance the construction empire. And then there are mini-games between maintenance and construction. Like commerce and community expansion. He received an unexpected huge view of the crop to produce crops and produce.

Township game is the best platform for the planned construction of city and agricultural buildings. Now it's easier to nest with natural life. This game will download their idea and build real estate sector management. By organizing the game can create through their own farm. The township is best for those who are naturally alive.

Just start managing your farm. Their responsibilities are to take care of all the work of farm animals, agricultural products and the whole tree. Animal nutrition and care of plants, trees and other needs of all sales cuts in agriculture. Your attention is essential to time management for these tasks. For animal rights season it is time to collect their food, harvesting plants and trees only on the products.


  • Beautiful ideas, especially on details that will be built as real
  • Just play with many features such as change
  • To reach the next level, it is easy to get many bonuses in the same game with deals on community cash


  • Real-time game in which it comes with growing plant processing needs. The higher the level, the higher the production needs
  • Now in real-time, people are bored
  • It requires an Internet connection (Online)

Build the city of your dreams

Even Hay Township is a very popular city management game with over 50 million downloads on Google Play. On the first day, you enter the city, you have specific instructions with simple beginner tasks such as cultivating rice or feeding on a given feed to the cow. By developing your plants and time, you can sell them and harvest them money. You can use this way to produce agricultural products and then build a huge farm.

And after every harvest, there are new cultures and unlocked cattle back after the experience. You can sell agricultural products to farm money. In addition, the more efficient way to build in the factory build more sales products for bread, with more benefits like this.

If you are an animal lover, then this game is a paradise. The township is full of beautiful animals that you can nest on their farm. You can choose animals for animals such as chickens, geese for eggs, ... dogs and cats, goats ... or even cows like tummy milk. If cattle breed, you need to take care of them and feed them regularly or they get sick and maybe die.

Storage innovation

With a large field is extremely important, a storehouse was built for the farm. First, the township warehouse is not so much space. You need an update, but it's a really simple, easy matter if you are looking for content. Harvesting, production, ... so that the building camp sometimes has to accidentally update out based on the bearing raw material. The game allows you to promote the exchange of content with other players, so I want you to get active in interacting with your friends.

Decoration city

Only a manager, Township You own a city. Manage your work, creation, and development of this city. You know your city's citizens care about happiness to help more and more with the growing population.

You can also like entertainment such as zoos, restaurants, cinemas, museums, etc. Decorate your city by building people's happiness. I know of help that all players want in their city more beautiful, but above all, you soon buy the farm, Mr. decoration Ikasasila than should you want to be careful not to fall into bankruptcy. 


Money municipalities are of two types of gold and dollars. Game gold is the most common game and you sell their products to earn through production. Or you can earn enough money by watching the game Gold. Gold helps you plant or buy new buildings. The dollar is mainly to buy all speed or special equipment products. The game fast enough harvest time, it only takes a few minutes. Manufacturing and production, it takes 1 hour 15 minutes, then you can use the dollar immediately to get used if you do not want to wait.

Beautiful graphics

Your city is provided with beautiful 3D graphics and bright colors. The township graphics are very beautiful and playful, which is perfect for a sense of distance and peace. If you love the game Farm will bring you the most entertaining moments, then in this game you have a pleasant experience.


A friend invited me to play this game via Facebook and it was great, I was totally attracted to it. Township is a fun, easy farm to play games and have fun exploring. In addition, the game is free for two Android and iOS operating systems, you can download games through the link below.

The township is:

  • Special decorations and buildings, create your own dream of the city.
  • Different cultures are growing with their process.
  • In my city, I found a pack with antique and assemble.
  • Caring for cute animals.
  • Farm management and expansion.
  • Tropical goods were brought by the islands.
  • Breeding by building a zoo animals.
  • Use and many more countries and main attractions to create the Statue of Liberty, the Big Ben flag in their city!
  • Play Facebook and Google Build on your friends with your friends and network through the game.


  • And helping a professor with your experiments Vern is a scientific breakthrough!
  • Complete compositions regularly perform game tasks.
  • Score points and win great prizes.
  • Use gold to unlock special prizes.
  • The Chewing Gum festival begins on November 7.
  • Start the Nvanbr 2l delicious burger in the event of a fast-food star.
  • December 5 Join the Snow Ride.
  • No 3 new extensions.

How to play

Since there are no significant claims against the game to win, please feel free and relaxed. Create a city of creativity. Win game premium currency, rich in-game experience points, and coins. In addition, earn more coins to fulfill orders. Click the helicopter button on command. More orders are decided with more bonuses or offers. Players do not meet the command. Garbage can only get rid of unwanted orders.

Third, focus on agriculture. Because the active city depends on harvesting activities is easier then. Then the development of the city in the maximum early stages. This is, because in the early stages much space and convenient cost, is at the advanced level. It joins the city.


  • However, some game items can also be purchased for real money in the Township for free.
  • Playing the Internet connection requires the game to activate other features of social interaction and competitions. 

What's New

  • Join Samuel on his way to the market on September 12!
  • Guide trucks through intersections
  • 8 decorations and 2 profile pictures
  • Treasure of the Nile season starting on August 27
  • Jungle Quest starting on August 29
  • Dig the deepest mine starting on September 6
  • Aerial Challenge with a Prize Wheel on September 26
  • Get a gift for Township's birthday on September 23!
  • Anteaters in the Zoo
  • New town resident, new house, and Pool Hall
  • 3 expansions