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Bus Simulator 2015 Apk

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3.7 para Android
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may. 20, 2020

Bus Simulator 2015 is the latest simulation game that provides you the opportunity to be a real bus driver! Realistic maps, incredible vehicles, stunning interiors make you feel like a real bus driver! It will be on board just to complete all routes and travel time! Next-generation graphics, including animations, doubles, and school buses are just the best to play in the market! Get the bus simulator 2015 now!

Bus Simulator 2015 Android game is a fun game where players can simply relax and act as a driver while serving the public around 3D landscapes. Unlock many different weather effects on those different buses, destinations and just the simulator 2015 Android game.

When I see flying machines played from that blue bus simulator 2015 is unique or the Android game is one of the annoying things. If there is an error or variation ', any kind knows, so the game is not static, I do not. But was it really annoying, because a flying car could meet up with me to fly everywhere so it could be minimized?


- Real Cards (Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Alaska, etc ...)

- 15 buses (clearly pronounced bypass, school, etc ...)

- Open / Close Door Button

- Log animated people / when leaving the bus

- Freeride conditions personal weather conditions

- Any Kind of Place: In the town countryside, the mountains, the desert, and the snow

- Realistic visual loss

- Steering wheel, buttons or tilt control

- Space interior

- Intelligent traffic system

- Ask for friends online ranking

Although only the simulator 2015 Android game can be played on my standalone core processor with 512MB of RAM, Android phones, GLTools app should be provided to minimize the difference my Samsung Galaxy V should lower force on to prevent lower specs. So I think at least the only Android Simulator 2015 game 1.2 GHz dual-core with 1 GB of RAM for the minimum hardware requirements game.

If you have ever dreamed to see how it looks to be about behind the wheel of a bus, it will give you an app that you have done it. Only with Simulator 2015, you have a 3D view of the road. You can work in the first-person view, or just the third person. If you are a first-person job, you get to see all the tools and additions which are involved in the operation only.

Just play simulator road conditions because of the 2015 slick rain, realistic roads, and there are accidents that only clear up if you are careful when you drive. In many places, Rome or Alaska, you can just drive wherever you are. Your experience varies from year to year under different circumstances and symptoms. So you have to tilt your phone a little easier. You can turn on the screen sometimes it is very easy to tap a few gentle curves. Among the passengers and challenges they left because this is a game or you can drive around the city.


  • Realistic experience
  • Different views on the road
  • Challenges available


  • Bore
  • No big challenge for the game 

Qué hay de nuevo

  • bug fixing!
  • traffic speed adjusted!
  • bus dynamics adjusted!
  • more updates coming soon!