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Family Locator - GPS Tracker Apk

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20.3.5 para Android
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jul. 27, 2020

By simply living the life360 family life in the digital world it is easy to get a locator.

With Life360 you can:

• Create your own groups, called "" circles "", Love - Allies who enjoy the most and free chat with their family members.

• View circle members on a private family map only visible in their circle in a real-time location.

• Circle members to allow you to reach or receive real-time alerts nearby (disruptive deleted texts "" Where are you? "")

• View stolen or lost phone status

• Compare the benefits and similar applications found in a variety of fun tasks

• Works on both Android phones and iPhones

Real-time location sharing

Staying connected and in sync with the whole family and coordinating your family's needs, events and lessons for life is more than just the end. Family Locator Enter a relaxed check and when thanks to your family members and your phone GPS sensor, Family Locator can also notify you if anyone is undergoing late advice.

Finding a family

Family Locator - GPS Tracker to share the latest real-time destination state-informed GPS tracking technology information about your community who accepts your invitation to their situation. Just install the Life360 Family Locator app on your phone, and upload to your family. Once you are registered, so that each member looks as a unique symbol on the navigation chart you will find detailed information about where they are. No need to send annoying articles "" Where is it? "" Or, "" What is your ETA? "" Life360 Family Locator provides this information at your fingertips. And just to make life great, we send you a warning to come to a certain place and their family moment!

In order for the application to work properly, we require specific permissions. Don't worry - if you create an account, we will help you through the quick and easy process.

Location - Life360 and shared on a private map with those you love. In this setting, we can show the situation correctly and quickly.

Phone Permissions - Known as the Life360 Driver with the support of plant care, a push-button connects you to a live representative on the phone. We know, being representative, who you are and drags you to where you are to help obstruct the road, because of jumps, and lockouts. We also offer immediate emergency measures in the event of a vehicle collision. Phone permissions We have live agents to connect your phone to make sure you can call them.

ESPY to download your device works with iOS devices like smartphone and tablet iPhone apk to get you with compatible geolocation. The fact is that it can be used for many different things, but the most obvious is to find people. Some ideas on how to use:

  • Show people place on a real-time map.
  • Chances are if you prefer to share your location.
  • Talk face to face.
  • Receive alerts when a leaf or even comes to a fixed position.
  • To track lost or stolen mobile devices.
  • Share your contact lists with
  • Create private groups.
  • Circles, the most interesting event

Although it is similar in many applications with tools Life360 comes with a rounded feature providing the ability to create a group of free people. In other words, you can be a circle with your family, and others with your friends or colleagues.

Complete control over your privacy

The truth is that the success of applications has to depend on the user's secure privacy status, and their ability to provide the ability to provide this kind of data sharing.

So we use the app if we want to avoid where you were and why to tell you what to get past if there is any clarity about sharing your situation.

Qué hay de nuevo

This release fixes the issue with real-time location visibility when clicking on members of your Circle.