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Castle Clash (German) Apk

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1.5.41 para Android
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ago. 26, 2019

About to launch a war and you have the entire state on your behalf. It plans strategic alliances and contracts to create the most addictive fort time MMORPG attack and victory strategy for the enemy kingdoms while commanding its army and fighting against the enemy. Start building the empire so far! Heroes are the beginning of a new era: Lead your army and conquer the world!

Defend their king's fortress, accept your horse soldiers and the enemies to survive the attack. A tactical RPG adventure can be an op or multiplayer battle filled with clay enemy states. The World at War: History Writes of course! Powerful soldiers and heroes who hire your castle to fight and win in epic PvP battles!

The decisive action as a strategist and king in the field situation looks like every MMO battle! An endless war duel against the magicians, warriors or other kingdoms with tools, attractions, and armor, to fight the Druid with endless custom weapons. Use a good strategy to learn how to fight the enemy's most powerful god MMORPG! Real-Time PvP Аn Fighting Ultimate Aggressive Strategy Game!

Join thousands of full multiplayer medieval adventure Fortress game players and elite soldiers strategy RPG! Destroy the enemies, dragons, elves, archers, fencers, and fight by the monsters and deploy your enemy's crushed castle!

Powerful Empire With Its Attack, Attack Start now with our Army Recruiting Women and be prepared to build your kingdom to expand its borders to Conquer enemy territory! Keep your strategy in action for testing MMORPG callers, rattles and more!

  • Build an impenetrable fortress and protect your medieval state of PVP and PvE game and styled crime!
  • Conquer other invasions in their states to recruit and recruit the best soldiers to make the ultimate army!
  • Action heroes collected with magical attacks and dozens of realities!
  • Attack and attack his powers to develop anti-palace MMORPG to enhance their state-of-the-art security equipment!
  • Endless possibilities Fighting as a medieval king, get ready with different tactics against rivals!
  • You can play a cooperative mode social RPG campaign with one or several players
  • Many dangers await the fort as well as attack and continue to protect the equipment as another side of this RPG: Culture is the most powerful empire and create legend!
  • Conquer Epic Medieval Kingdom: Strategy PvP or PvE and jump into the fight at the Game Palace!

●●● Millions of players can join in the fight! ●●●

Castle Clash is a game of epic proportions that is packed with the strategies of exciting battles and fast! Hire a powerful hero who leads your army of mythical creatures. Battle your way to the world's largest war. In the dungeon, keep your strategy for printing and testing! With over 100 million players worldwide, it's always time to fight!

Now available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Korean.

How to play

A great player, and certainly does not give the tip, which is not wrong. Not only apply to this game but generally this game. The other is patience. Gem is a great opportunity to get into the heroes if they collect and use it in the history of the players. Take advantage of daily prices and regularly follow specific events. Each player contributes a daily price on the number of stealth gems.

Do not waste this and pack it every day. In addition, some events have many interesting prizes in the official game of social media. Follow the company that you compete in. The Prize is bravely offered in the form of money. Be sure to update the hero figures. Held the base will definitely increase the defense and be the maximum a hero. 

Qué hay de nuevo

  1. Equipment system expansion: Added Superior Traits and Trait Bonuses
  2. Added Lv 10 Talents
  3. New "Team Dungeons" stage: Lonely Sea
  4. New "Team Here Be Monsters" stage: Wailing Rift
  5. New Hero: Phobos
  6. Hero Skill Name: Orbs of Agony
  7. New Hero Skins ("Blackest Night", "Phoenix Bright")
  8. Adjusted Occultist's normal attack and hit visual effects.
  9. Lost Realm reward improvements.