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nov. 07, 2019

There are more legends of dragons to increase dragon mania. The colors are exquisite and reminiscent of cartoon dragons that instead feature as one of the main characters of the game. You start the game with an island. This is where you will have all your dragons. So, enough to live in the rest period can be big in order to build their homes.

How does Dragon Mania Legends offer you a game of legends because of your organism as far as food assistance and even friendship with each other? You're all way live on a base like Fire Dragon or O Beast, Dragon Air Dragon. After consumption level it is on the island, food is. Create a new species together as their kite joint or python. If they are old enough, you can start to train them to fight online only on another island. Special attacks can be huge damage to the opponent.

Epic war with fantasy animals and Dragon Mania Legends

  • The chicks come out, they breed and train your history animals in this Dragon Mania Legends.
  • Enjoy the attention of your pet; Feed them, take care of them and separately to receive them love gold and special bonuses.
  • Create your imaginary city design with dozens of fun decorate an island of your dreams and buildings.
  • Add to your race of more than 350 unique species upgrades and make it to your collection online for Dragon Mania Legends run by nice friends.

Animal Rage: WARRIOR collection and development

  • Work out to fight your pets and raise them to be the legendary warrior.
  • Fighting fire with fire: Turn development and dragon animal heroes!
  • Enjoy the creation of a powerful dragon city. Each mission is important to update your dragon collection.

Always a new online adventure

  • Imagine our animals taking your pet dragon on a trip across the country! Achieve high and improve your Pet Legends Collection Martial Arts Fight High League with each new battle!
  • Seasonal events, new material and weapons, and special investigations! Simulation Every Dragon training makes this monster a war hero story!
  • Show them who the boss is! Lift Train You and your pets and the best Dragon Trainer combine to take on their monster enemies and become weapons in the Arena and Mortal War Awards!

Baby to fight dragon

  • Vikings just can't give you a break, and the amazing 3-on-3 animal smells bad ... a lesson to teach them in combat!
  • With their fighting skills, military simulator teaches your dragon attacks, magical creatures, special monsters and improve tactics and take them to the academy.
  • Beast opponents use the Dragon Fury to defeat the power.

Power Clan Alliance

  • Visit your pet islands and magical gifts to friends.
  • Become Planned Communities! Discuss the best team strategies to make or just what you use to chat your pet things with animals online communities.


Dragon Mania Legend APK is an Android player, in which (Dragon) feeds, trains, and casual games that are expected to take care of pets, full entertainment so they can fight. What developer features were added, to generate a player's interest. Therefore, it offers a completely addictive and realistic gaming experience. Precision gameplay requires that it be a download game. 

Quoi de neuf

Get ready to roll the dice in the biggest update of the year!
  • A new mega event on the horizon! Introducing the board-game-inspired Dragon Dice—collect keys to magical chests that contain valuable prizes.
  • Ancient Dragons! Meet the rarest and most powerful dragons as Ned embarks on a journey that takes him all the way back to the birth of Dragolandia where the members of the Ancient element rule!
  • Complete the Constellations of Autumn collection and get a hold of the cosmic Twilight Dragon!