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sept. 03, 2020

Google News Android Devices" ", Entwickler Google's application for the old konzipiert to replace Google Current.

Google News, an application that helps you find the news that you are most interested in. Enjoy video and news with lots of audio, and break down long-form articles. Sports, cooking, the holiday, and all the good news came from technology in one place.

Google News is kept up, even if the World Stories Good News app will find out more about you to help you find what's important

Improve investment

• Some of the easiest registers make you stay in one place until all the date care.

• Google News instead had to provide a thorough understanding of your situation throughout the day with five daily news updates. Your conference spotlight is the most important, covering local news and commentary if you are interested in mixing the latest developments.

Every message is deep

• How to provide "full coverage" feature A complete picture of a story received information from various sources. Just a tap of events is seen to develop stories or time with a variety of time slogans, videos, local news, questions, news analysis, social commentary, and headlines.

• Spotlight You get an unfiltered view of the latest and up-to-date news articles from around the world. Because of the other sections, you dig for more tech news, business news, sports news, national and international news, entertainment and many more.

Access your favorite news and magazines

• Newsstand tab Follow those easy and reliable sources to voice and browse and discover new ones. You can read more than 1,000 magazine titles in an accessible format for mobile.

• If you want to support your favorite news publisher, we need to sign it into your Google account is easy. They are longer forms, credit card numbers or have a new password.

Everywhere, great news app designed for every call

Google News is meant to meet the needs of users with a different call and connection level.

• Attachment is not as strong or if you need to store data, resize Google News images which will download slimming and information keeps running smoothly

• After reading the article, you can download it over Wi-Fi to save offline.


The following Google News features amazing features


It is almost impossible for any story to be about caring. With the application of the negotiation place, you will be able to keep everything you know related matters. The choice of conference you will be with stories is on its own, easy to manage a variety of sources.

  • Local stories
  • National News
  • Global Content
  • Full coverage:

Because they use the full coverage feature the user story can be a full story from one tap of a finger. Google News gathers all about the story on the internet and was nicely planned for your ad. The organization is based on the following aspects.

  • Demonstrate different approaches
  • Schedule important events
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • VIPs
  • Reliable and reliable sources are:

The Google News app can now find reliable and high-quality content from trusted publisher users. It also allows them to learn about sources that they have never known.

Keep up with stories:

With Google News, users can find the most up-to-date stories that interest them most. You can have one of the following points.

  • Game
  • Policy
  • Company
  • Support
  • The weather

Some reported problems

With each new update, return to the app. It just seems to deal with area with local shops.

One-shot very bad Google News app. There is no landscape mode. Users also complain that if you want to view these stories in the tablet app itself, then it will be loaded first.

Users Review

USer 1: This app comes pre-installed on the phone and no matter how many times I turn it off, the increase is noted the next day. News sources are a very diverse help (but top news effect) add source. A huge tornado was coming through town, but the top story? A typical Trump story, of course. (More results on the moment you present the vortex overnight on the page) shows and paid websites constantly so you can't read the article anyway. Where you would like Google News, just use a browser.

User 2: Emptying. Accidentally reload to find the stupid thing halfway down and it takes 10 minutes where you were. And forget the filter policy. How to get the latest chaos article "at least once" Trump blames Samsung or Pelosi Sayes Dragon threat that Skyrim is to blame. Find a place ... if there is such a thing. Update: I just ignored CNN, not for some reason, for content, but in comparison to other stores because they had more volume than stories.

User 3: Wow, what a difference! I used this app many years ago and it was very good. It was extremely slow and almost useless, and I had heard of using it. I decided to have one and go and handle it with no end. When it does, basically, whether it was capable of having a large amount of customization is what it is. Come on Google, you're finally a proud app, and it looks pretty promising. Fingers crossed were highlighted.

What's new in Google News

  • An article covers the layout magazine.
  • The app article includes additional references from Wikipedia pages.
  • Recent movie theme latest trailers
  • Available for Android Oreo.
  • Other Bug fixes and performance improvements.