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6.2.0 Pour Android
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juil. 02, 2020

War Robots is a great shooter game about giant robots that fit in your pocket. Participated in Epic PvP battles against rivals around the world, and to show them fast clever, tough pilots! Ready! Capture! Upgrade! Upgrade! Be strong - and prove the best mechanic commander robot online universe in battle!

War Outbreak Pilot! Are you ready for a surprise attack complex tactical drill and store many sneaky tricks for its competitors? Capture all the beacons of enemy robots to enhance your combat robot and destroy your weapon for advanced combat ability, speed, and stability. Use different strategies and tricks to prove each card and emerge victorious in battle.

Key Features

  • Choose your fighter. Over 50 robots let you find your own unique design in a style and name the forces.
  • Play as you want. Do you want to destroy and destroy? For protection and protection? Or just annoy your enemies out of the hell? You can do this with all these huge arrays of weapons, ballistic missiles, plasma guns including large guns!
  • Customize Each robot can be equipped with a module of your choice. Discovering their favorite combo and shows is what you get everyone!
  • Attle together in multiplayer. Team up with others! Trusted is a powerful clan that has a start in finding partners (and friends!) Or even your own!
  • Fight on their own. Like a game? Loan wolves are all kinds of arena itself or can do special status for free!
  • Discover theology. The robot world grows and grows with every improvement and is always ready to help the growing community.

Main Features:

  • Strategic 6v6 PvP
  • 45 fighting robots with different abilities
  • Plasma guns, including more than 50 weapons, ballistic missiles, energy and. What do you like
  • Battle 12 cards!
  • Numerous possible combinations of robots and weapons. War machines build their own play style of fit;
  • You can create your own clan and lead to victory;
  • Fight Epic PvP against rivals around the world;
  • Complete military actions, earn bonuses and the best driver title.

User reviews

User 1: This is 100% free to win the game, it is more necessary to grind everything, we have 1 piece whole month to talk at one time. The top and skill play down the range is a whole lot of competition but in the meantime. You do not have to give up your plans to roster your work for the meta-startup and give them a roster to take up to a month to always adapt to fight or create a new account. This game is not just about money.

User 2: Really fun for a day or two. Then when you start level matches are often very unbalanced. It will help a lot like paying for a robot look. Unfortunately, 92% of people have a discount of $ 12 which is the standard price of $ 150 and you'll only have to fork out for OP weapons once or more. Now, $ 300 deep, but you should be 3 or more competitive. With this game, anyone who is ready to make a big drop on the mobile phone game will have fun. Ridiculous.

User 3: I'm disappointed because it was a great game to play forever. Especially then you can play with real people. Fun death wages to win when it's gone and the more money you spend the more weapons appear with you. And when I say wages, I pay you a lot. There is another $ 20 robotic that is set to fire and is heard of the mobile game. Because I wasn't on your mobile to select the worst in the game won't last for very long. 

Quoi de neuf

  • NEW MAP: FACTORY. Abandoned aerospace facility — acid pools included!
  • Event: Gladiator Championship. Complete tasks, collect coins, get rewards!
  • New Robot: Scorpion
  • Pilot Skills Rework
  • New Modules: Titan Accelerator, Jump Unit
  • Various optimization tweaks
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Check the full notes at warrobots.com