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Twitter is a vast social network of Android devices anywhere on the official Twitter application. You have to take advantage of the huge social network. From breaking news to sports or entertainment, everything is on Twitter.

You can watch live streaming and watch the world. Application Home Toolbar Home contains information, and messaging is an option. In this app, you can tweet or slightly tweet from the post of the desired person and / or non-follow profile.

The main task of the Trend app by clicking on your Android device within a few minutes. Trading can write just about everyone's opinion of a topic for you. Other events around the world are an option that you can entertain, industry news, politics or justice of their loved ones through trending. You can also private or group chat with your friends. You can customize your profile with photos, current location. You can scroll down Windows to experience your tweets in memory below their big tweets. A similar trend option is now available on Facebook where you can get everyone with the trend # hashtag

Updates of Twitter app

We will discuss key features and troubleshooting Twitter app 2019 updates. However, among the swiping back and forth between third-party apps was Twitter, it looks better and is the best way to engage with your followers. When applications, three-screen openings. The first is characterized by its lining, followed by people whose tweets are encouraged, as well as the occasional "Tweet". There are tweets that follow for Twitter proposals.

Swipe to see the tabs you go to the left. Here you can learn about a set of current trends (location followed by them), popular Tweets and Retweets and Tips.

After that comes the Swipe Tab Activity. It shows what it is like to follow up on Twitter. You see, what people do for tweets, for example, "measure" ", and when people realize that when you speak, do not create their own tweets.

You can view your own Twitter profile, news, and messages.

What you can do for 140 characters in the app, as well as sharing Tweet links and text, so you can take photos and videos and share them directly with your tweets. The video may take up to 30 seconds.


  • Easy sharing daily moments to use
  • Very useful to get the latest information on the world
  • Night mode equipped


  • A lot of advertising and sales promotion
  • Videos and GIFs often go for loading on the black screen or the latest version
  • The live service is doing normal and accidental
  • Old designs and themes

Other highlights:

  • View premium and live streaming live from your mobile device. An account is required.
  • Go Live Tap or Splash with events happening around the world and back -.


  • Know if you're talking about your favorite sports, news, politics and entertainment thinkers
  • Experience dynamic media such as photos, videos, and GIFs
  • Retweet, share, how to reply or tweet timeline
  • What gets tweeted, enter the address you call it


  • Now look at what topics and hashtags trend
  • Find the moment, the stories created are the best work of the biggest event today -
  • Catch on headlines and video
  • Fun Latest Sports Highlights 
  • Familiar Culture & Entertainment Pop 
  • See how fun stories go viral


  • Information that follows the start
  • Know your Tweet as it were
  • Mention as a response or reply tweet alert


  • Private chat with friends and followers
  • Parts tweets and other media
  • Create a group conversation with 


  • Customize their profile with photo, description, location and background photos
  • Look back at your tweets, retweets, replies, media, and love


  • Go tips, influential people to follow
  • Find your current Twitter or invite friends to synchronize your contacts

Reviews on Twitter

Speaking of their reviews, there are a lot of great features that your Android users can use Twitter for. But before getting their services, make sure you have an account, make one. With 140 characters, including the type where users can create information or symbols and spaces interact with other people's tweets. The message will be written successfully. How about writing photos or even video or gif files. The app also provides a way for more private users to interact. Users who have other registered users in private conversations or group calls have their direct messages. Use any tweets to communicate with other people, but users are able to delete their tweets and reply to tweets are favorite tweets.

Also, this app allows your users to share stories about what is happening and what happens in the world. It's definitely easy to share their stories with those Twitter moments. Another unique feature of this app can be found in this night mode feature on Android. This is a new feature that allows users to tweet dark. In addition to collaborating with other users to communicate, they have more programs around the world today, see more about the status of great social networks. Visitors can find information about your entertainment, politics, sports, news, daily interest and other important events posted on Twitter. You have to capture moments and video information directly from the source, and even use live recordings, so users see what other people think about live commentary.

Another thing is the button that makes it unique. Here, users can follow accounts of favorite actresses, singers or bands, writers or other users as well, or they can be allowed to eat as president. It's really easy for users to get information about it. Even if this is an application of many interesting features, it doesn't mean the weak side is there. Some people talk about the advantages and disadvantages. There are often things that most people talk about in this application.

User Reviews

User 1: Khubs too. Similar ideas are a great way to communicate with people. I enjoy this app. thank you. In fact, I tweeted to President Trump I started, then saw it. I believe social media is the most serious stage. It is requested that the Tweet message still arise than the number of words available. In addition, restrictions are planned for the Twitter leader is not a welcome sign. Just when the target is President Trump !!!

User 2: Work on some things - my instincts, but I'm set by a fantastic collection of spam /low-quality trends world of the time. I tried several times to reset some success options for the trend. - I will not be notified of the application I receive I have a new message, which is talking to a group or above it. - I showed no way to stop the "answers for your time. - Is it possible to get the Edit button with the ability to show the original Tweet?

User 3: I do really much work there like Twitter and I especially enjoy the group chat feature. However, a little is incomplete. A lot, and if it is placed under the following texts, Jump does not chat with keep it difficult. In addition, it is not possible to click on the sender's name instead of directly copying DM messages for some reason. I can't copy because annoying my own collector. 

Quoi de neuf

  • In May, we tested a new way to have a chat with exactly who you want, so you can create and consume more meaningful exchanges. Now, everyone can try this new feature and choose who can reply to their Tweets.

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