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जुलाई 06, 2020

Build allied rival kings and win MMO fights. Defend your castle from enemies and fight for the medieval war epic PvP strategy. With custom folk and large armies, you can rule four states!

Conquer the king and protect your kingdom in this epic PvP strategy game. Do you have to build a growing army to fight and defend your enemy's fortress to dominate the kingdom in four states? With this epic MMO game, you can work in the smart strategy meadow to defend your kingdom and create a resourceful army to fight in the coming war.

Download Empire: Four Kingdoms Award-winning players from four states or millions of multiplayer strategy and medieval war games. With powerful kings, fierce fighting and strategic thinkers are exposed to the best PvP skills.


  • Excellent graphics
  • Improve your castle and make it invincible
  • Combine resources and its economy to strengthen
  • Reach diplomacy and use of war for purposes
  • In order to forge alliances with friends
  • Build your fortress to defend against a huge army
  • Supply your army with various weapons
  • Take part in interesting adventure, increase your wealth and fame
  • Testing in four different states
  • Win constant and exciting events
  • Feel endlessly fun - alone or with other members in the community

Empire: Four Kingdoms Top 5 Reasons to Download

  1. Fight rivals states and various units with enemies and various weapons 50 tonnes
  2. Build an elaborate, your castle and build a mighty fortress. The MMOG defends your castle from an invading kingdom
  3. An interactive map to gather assistance with kings and other players to win rival parties, and profit sectors.
  4. Extend the construction of your castle and manufacturing and business resources to more than 60 separate buildings
  5. Enemies headed to your castle? How to join a very large MMO community and an active forum and chat with friends for advice on how they make all or most of their state power.

Membership (optional):

  • Empire: Four Kingdoms Alliance Player Membership and Membership: Auto-renewable monthly subscriptions are offered in four states.
  • Subscriber active subscription period subscription enabled special effects, bonuses and / or functional features for your army.
  • Alliance memberships activate subscriptions or affiliate member factors during active special effects and result in bonuses.
  • Your subscription to your Google Play account at Purchase Confirmation is automatically renewed each month, up to 24 hours before the end of the current period, up to an automatic cancellation less than 24 hours.
  • You can turn on your Google Play account settings at least once to automatically renew your subscription and / or to manage purchases.
  • They are both a subscription type (players and attachments), so you have to cancel both separately.
  • You have two players in the race, you must cancel both separately.
  • After the cancellation subscription, you can still have your active bonus date automatically renew. After this date, all active bonuses will expire for a subscription. 

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Excitement has gripped the nobility of the Great Empire. The Hall of Legends' new sovereign skills promise great riches and new powers to diligent lords and ladies. Unlock sovereign skills by gaining sceat coins in various events.