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That is a nice little mobile game puzzle DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE mix, board games, and free-to-play title card game. Dragon Ball Z This is a puzzle/adventure game from every Bandai Namco. Closed face against opponents.

In DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE, you play an anonymous fighter to avoid labor disasters. Trunk and King Kai direct your search, shop and offer advice forwarding war. Majin Boo from anime such as Frieza, Cell, or Goku because players struggle with teams and rivals.

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE is a closed face against events and world tournament games and tough opponents! And looking forward to the number of really tough warriors, extreme Z battles and super battle road challenges!

Simple addictive gameplay

  • Anime action game Fighting Flight screens and tap the fields or enemies!
  • Eliminate attacks enemies with powerful and prestigious super! Khanna: For One!

Create your own Dragon Ball Dream Team!

  • Fight with Goku or team up with competitors like Frieza, Cell, or the Majin Boo of anime!
  • Train your favorite characters to power new areas and wake them up!
  • Organize the best fight to collect pressure on your team!

Dragon Ball has identified your war zone, the world

  • Time is set in chaos, with the anime bringing characters face to face ...
  • Play board game-style cards and brand new stories with the best dragon ball characters!
  • Tights, future heroes will fight by your side!

Game And Combat

Dragon Ball Z fighting style is a variation of a board game color matching game combination. Random role players across the board will inspire mounted fighters purchased with items in the team game or app "unlock". The fast action sequence of the game is fast and convenient. Every time you bring a new character a Kamehameha loads animation burning a planet often see the slow Goku. Naruto x Bruto gameplay.

The arrangement of balls of war "view colorful "can be adapted to damage the enemy. It is quite an opportunity, but some strategies can be used by "art "and meditation to use their strengths and weaknesses. For example, weak strong, but red / STR yellow/blue against PHY / AGL. Change addresses at the bottom of the screen to address three at a time, but attacks and / or special combo moves can help to especially ignore their fighters. Just tap on "Fields "on the battle screen and send flying enemies.

User Reviews

User 1: Well, I'm an avid fan DB, this game was very important, that's the reason. I also played this game after it was released in 2014, even though it has its downs, so it's big RNG mechanics that are playing around the corner, it's a game that I really can't argue against it. In order to get the game stone late, it makes it hard to push hard towards the buying stone, but they say, okay, there are steps I just want to do and more. This is a stellar game though.

User 2: I have to play this game for a few years. Collection, and the fact that you play pay ... I (which I think is nice) help me offer some train on some banners I love. I gave a problem for one when charging the phone turned issue. Dokkan your account back I can get a new phone call. Awesome 1. Get Vegeta !!!

User 3: There is a nostalgic approach to the scene, they are dragon ball games, gifts (as many gifts when I really think about it) and a lot of ways to come up with a strong and used character when developing new content in stories, for free play, it's because you could ask to see more. They want to spend money to get it just to take the time to get good content. Whatever the case, a fan can be a DB, it was worth it. 

नया क्या है

  • Simplified the process of unlocking Hidden Potential routes.
  • Optimized "Training" and "Awaken".
  • Simplified the process of setting Support Items.
  • Optimized the process of setting Training Locations.
  • Added a new feature "Skill Orb".
  • Added a new feature "Special Sticker".
  • Adjusted User Interface.
  • Fixed some bugs.