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अक्तूबर 30, 2019

Bejeweled Star Free Match 3 is a classic Bejeweled 3 game and a free mobile phone puzzle game that has a lot of Android things to do. For puzzle game lovers, there is a slightly better game than Bejeweled Star: Free 3 Easy to create three sets and blow them game location. Earn various jewels of points. And more has to Bejeweled Bejeweled 3 free hours of addictive fun with the Stars.

Discover amazing challenges

Bejeweled comes to life with exciting twist stars and certain possibilities. Master Jewel Streams has moved to enhance its adaptation strategy. The board gain waterfall filled for a maneuver due to the cloud. Before you save on butterflies they slip away into the sky.

Earn, collect and share bejeweled emoji

The open chest is exclusive and comfortable for the bejeweled that looks like your own style and personal messaging emoji. Enjoy hundreds of what you play!

Game Create the winning vats

Gather, new SkyGems, and use them to create a specific lift. Difficult to blast a star swapper of use between sites. Mix boards for new games with Scrambler. Boost the application you want, when you want, and improve your winning strategy.

Light the Night Sky

Create shining stars with each level you play. Watch because they fill the constellation in the sky and unlock great prizes!

By becoming a star

Looking for some friendly competition? Maintain the progress of the game at each level, keep an eye on the competition with friends and make it easy to show your strong ability to have its own ranking.

By installing this game, you consent to the installation and all game updates or updates were published via its Platform. If you disable automatic updates via your device settings, but you do not update your application, you may experience low efficiency.

Free More Match 3 About Starred Bejeweled

This app is available to users with Android version 4.3 or later, and is available in English, Spanish, German and other languages. Depending on the device the current version may vary and the application may include 2.0.0 27.01 / update 2017. Since our choice of programs and applications, it relies on 38 installs and last week to get it successful. Bejeweled stars contain free size 3 devices installed.

User Reviews

User 1: The game is exciting, addictive, exciting, but I love it. The game has almost many levels, but the short gentle cat that got because of the signal to complete a level of shoes. Get up to 500 new mobile games again with Google and still lose all progress in the 200 level Bejewled gemstone level signal of its Grumpy Cat glasses. Now I have to use your power tools if I do not clickable to come. Even if they have to try twice, there's just not a good uninstall I go to work for Remove

User 2: Bejeweled Star began a survey as well as made it easy to play and can't be at the awards and the extras and all the hard work done with a few special gems and effects. Good work on your game and updating your playground I'll be a big fan.

User 3: One end of the outage so consulted was now probably coins. Gold eggs should be coins. Emoji always has me, and get questions Emoji doesn't answer me. But it's just a game, but also for fun, I can play it on your phone. 

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Greetings, gems! Are you ready for more challenges? We’ve added 20 new levels to the Spooky Snowland, for a total of 1400. Happy matching, and thanks for playing.