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जुलाई 16, 2020

A strategic war game was a conflict, in which you can build your army and you will attack your own dragon and you will increase your enemies. The queen is there to light or dark in two texts like queens to play this mobile-based online tactical war game. Will move to a new world.

The struggle to identify the city of Queens and destroy your dragon army in a number of buildings they can provide you with enemies. These resources must be trained enough resources to accumulate many construction trains. May struggle and play apk download game upgraded.

Clash of Queens to fight enemies either to protect the dignity of the Queen or the power you buy here in Queens, all decide to blowback.

Fight those dragons healthy and energetic and epic tactical warfare to raise lovers of warfare online and all over the world, and together with them, mental and makeup military conflict battle knights can fight in this epic game Increase your dragon!

Clash of Queens Features:

Now, for many unique features, download some of these games directly before I read them, as they will give you a good overview of the game, and explain if you know how it works.


  • Your child can hang in big battles, feed them and enemies and train them to keep you safe.
  • You can also use Frightened Dragon to avoid being trapped around the wild dragon here.
  • Also, you can use your dragon with knights epic dragon style to fight.

Alliance in:

  • You can combine queens and knights, so they can work both for their kingdom.
  • You can create alliances for share tools and enhance the process.
  • If you talk to translators one of our foreign friends and collaborators, the message will be translated into your language.

Building and Army Recruiting:

  • You can appoint a citizen or you can quickly use the general public together to process and call to promote the construction output of several buildings.
  • Protect Archers Infantry, Cavalry and hire people to work for the army to fence your castle building with strong magicians.

Online action events

  • Events in gold and war earn other great prizes.
  • In order to increase their resources to enjoy the events of this war.
  • You can also play status roaring dragons and online events.

Let's Queens Conflict requires the following:

  • Phone location should be used.
  • Please allow an open network socket.
  • We will receive information over the Wi-Fi network.
  • It can read from external memory.
  • You can write to external storage.
  • System settings are changed.

Supported devices:

  • All kinds of Android and iOS devices are Blue Download Stack software you want to play on desktop computers and laptops. 

नया क्या है

  • Fixed the Holy Grail abnormal upgrade bug
  • Fixed the Decoration Star Up attribute abnormal accumulate bug
  • Fixed the Schicksals attribute abnormal accumulate bug
  • New Bond function transferred to the new event center
  • Fixed the limited redemption flashback bug
  • 4-year Anniversary event is coming soon