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जुलाई 30, 2020

Edmodo is a program that allows teachers and students to collaborate, two sides can connect with each other online meeting place. Regardless of time and place, the purpose of the application is a secure and lasting connection between people who teach and learn.

Update Edmodo teachers' tools to share interesting lessons on parents and the live class community. The new Edmodo app has been redesigned from the ground up to focus on communication with students, parents and fellow teachers.

New and improved Edmodo app teachers can be in touch with every student in their class. Students can now access Android devices in the classroom. Edmodo You can also check out the work of teachers. The app offers the convenience of selecting resources related to active topics in class group discussions.

Tools that teachers need

  • Global Resource Teacher Find the following home section.
  • All classes and functions were organized in one place.
  • Send a message directly to students and parents.
  • Discover content that encourages our students to be active and conscious.

Engage your students

With Edmodo, you can reach every student in his class. Students can access admission by phone, tablet or computer. Check out individual ideas of discussion provision with the entire class or straightforward messages. Automatically helps your students invest with the Update Planning Planner.

Teacher Resources

Share and discover new stories and resources from your school district or global community. Edmodo makes it easy to see commercial content and trends in teachers. And the power of a home appliance is good for you to think of dozens of educational tools for the classroom at the same time.

EdTech Digest Award Winner - Best Product

User Reviews

User 1: Very useful application when available on the Internet, but some features such as languages ​​are not available. thank you.

User 2: Now, the application is good and all. But as I can't change your username, the point is that I didn't have to enter their name through a typo. I wanted to change it, but I think the only way is to have a different / new account done, if you have another account, you will probably go to enter the same level as, but then you need to go to class two accounts alike. So it is, that I appreciate it is that you (the developer) create a function instead which allows users to slide your username photograph.

User 3: Very well, the only problem is that every time I click on a folder to open it, the app makes the notification sound 8 times and know why I am not too annoying in a row before the owner. Also, some folders that do not open my "call" device type dosnt base operation "call" ??? Please do it as soon as possible! 

नया क्या है

This week’s release brings your better access to your Account Settings and more Planner features!
  • In the Account Settings menu, users can now change their birthday.
  • A sleek new calendar view in the Planner helps keep students and teachers more organized.
  • The Planner can now be accessed in the “What’s Due” list.
And we crossed some more bugs off the list!