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Google Play Books is a free app book that their users can access Google Books from the dock or browser toolbar, Google Chrome web browser, and Chrome book. Unlike the official book's site Google, the Google Play Books app is clutter-free and the user also learns that the user can create his books that are focused on. Just look at the official website and books that are available The users can be stored in the cloud on your desktop computer or store.

Access to thousands of books

Google Play is one of thousands of interesting titles filled with unique and filled and why to watch it and stand up because the standard Google website to read from a source is your digital library. The Google Play Store Literature and Bookstore is an online store that does more for digital media, especially when shared with your movies, TVs, apps, music and more centered. Just look at all kinds of books, but don't mind bleeding books on search results for other types of content.

Streamlined and accessible

Unlike the Google Play Store, Google Books is not busy or disturbed, the clean and user-friendly interface is simple and easy to use. Easy for users to find them and they really are not, they will be able to turn to the extensive library or title search attention.

The Google Books app takes the audiobooks and e-books you've just purchased from Google Play.

Choose from the best-selling millions of e-books, comics, textbooks, and audiobooks. Listening to your book uploads while reading or traveling. When you are done, you will get personalized recommendations next time favorites. Go buy audiobooks and e-books - no subscription required.

When heard throughout the big audiobook, whatever

  • New! Audio Books on Google Play Now
  • Buy one or more - no monthly subscription required
  • Preview audiobooks before purchasing free templates
  • Choose were Android, iOS left off, or your web browser

Millions of e-books at your fingertips

  • Preview our catalog of millions of books free templates
  • Read your books, comics and books on Android, both iOS, or in your web browser, even if you're offline
  • Touch the page and look closely with the life of your favorite comic or manga bubble
  • Syncs with your Google Drive and shares them with a group for easier collaboration.
  • Automatically leave the background color and brightness to help you use this simple set of sleepless night lights

Books on Google Books Reader simply by allowing you to scroll your finger across the screen through the pages. Slide pages at the bottom of the screen and allow you to tilt more quickly. Google Play Books, browse the chapter list, change the font and allow night reading mode on the black background color which is white text options.

As a mobile e-reader, Google Play Books is not quite the same level as features like competition programs such as Kindle or iBooks. For example, there is no way to select the text, then you can search for words in the dictionary and you cannot go to landscape.

Zoom is a fantastic occurrence on the page with Google Play Books. You need to be able to zoom, not to drag the finger up, but to keep the screen down and around, inside and out.

User Reviews

User 1: Others, who often open the books are updated because of the said. I think that because the, therefore, is not already present as a potential labor contribution when Google has a link ... and clickable useless application. Edit: Thanks for the quick reply, but the link really sent me bad. The app is open now. I can talk directly to support, but since I'm not the only one with this problem, I think I'll just have to wait

User 2: The good thing is that you just want to end the shelf book every now and then to read a story and if you are finished, you should enter, but for every system or book, everyone tries to buy books to buy a personalized shelf option. Where you can do impossible with current controls, all books can create a kind of end system here. Here I want to love educational books, but I do not have a total absence due to the system without it.

User 3: It is really excellent for me to fix a few minor features a lot - to control the font good size and if possible please add a function though it is not necessary, it would be nice to have font and page / and more options text color. With other people, I see a good note is an ability through the thing. And to improve the translation function, it is not constantly working. But need more than all - just add good control to font size please and I'll be a happy girl. 

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  • Bug fixes, enhancements, and performance improvements.