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Visit the official application, hosting millions of videos and millions of new video clips, millions of websites worldwide, uploaded by millions of people every day.

The official application of the popular video site YouTube, where you can find millions of videos. You can also subscribe to use your video and YouTube channel uploads. You can find and watch videos that you want as well. In addition, many YouTube video advice starts at your home based on your interests.

With the new app design it makes it easier to find new content within the app. Until then YouTube automatically created playlists based on the theme to make it even more appealing. Send e-mail to Twitter or directly friend video programs such as Facebook social media. You can copy the video link from the app and paste it to watch a video in your browser.

The most important feature of this application is that you control playback using shortcuts. Video because theft and tap your finger to push the video forward and double. If you want to browse other videos is your video background. It plays straight to the MX media player web, but video.

Log in without using the YouTube app. However, there are app recommendations on the home page that you can use when inputting your account will be more personalized to your taste. You deleted your television history for other people with your device or pause.

What they should look like in a video game is better than using this app or using YouTube Web Version Creator Studio. YouTube is the fastest and most widely used video site. In addition, we note that Google is constantly working on content creators and is improving the app for channel owners. But advertising increases day by day. Paying more money to video makers, especially in country ads. But it's not a profitable business enough to make YouTube Google. Therefore, we expect you to find ads as long as it is an option for Google to remove more annoying ads from you.

Notable Focus Functions:

  • Stay connected and have quick access to videos and high-quality content trading
  • Including music videos, comedy, movies, parody videos, various options, TV shows and more
  • Easy to share their original content and follow a fan of followers
  • Easily share your work on your social media channels
  • Lots of fun filters to choose from
  • Connect securely with their customers
  • Click a button and comment as another video

What is YouTube for Android?

If YouTube is a video streaming application and website, users can freely display content from a variety of different content providers. 2005 started user-uploaded videos on YouTube hosting and gradually became their message This website leaves millions of users and more entertained.

Is YouTube Free?

YouTube is either free, visiting an application or using a website in your browser, and all users are looking to download. For some content, a site service that requires an account and subscription is called YouTube Show Red. This subscription set includes access to original movies and TV shows YouTube users.

Is YouTube safe?

YouTube uses viruses and malware and is safe to watch. As far as content, YouTube is safe for general adults and teens. For some children, content is filtered out and an account should be used.

Can you download YouTube videos?

YouTube videos cannot be downloaded or the official website, regardless of why the device uses the app. Some third-party apps and extensions can be downloaded and easily stored on your hard disk copies for offline use, even though they are not present.

Is YouTube available on the platform?

YouTube is available on most smartphones and mobile devices. These Android devices with iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad provide download applications through all the official app stores. For desktop and laptop computers, YouTube can be used in the browser going to www.youtube.com. The site can also be used on mobile when an app is installed. 

Is YouTube an Internet connection?

Using YouTube, you need an internet connection. Depending on the fact that no content is stored on your device, the Internet itself relies on a WiFi or streaming video to transfer data connection.

How do I install YouTube?

YouTube for smartphones and mobile devices can be downloaded to your operating system by visiting the official App Store. For desktop computers and laptops, there is no required download. In this case, YouTube can be accessed by visiting the official website.

YouTube Advertising Supported?

Supported Yes, YouTube Advertising. YouTube advertising revenue is essential to making money. Similarly, as a sole source of income for more content creators and video, they received a certain percentage of the money they earned from their videos.

What's new in the latest version of YouTube?

The latest version of YouTube has an updated user interface that makes it intuitive navigation performance and faster streaming.

Are permissions required on YouTube?

YouTube must be able to access your camera and microphone to watch videos from your smartphone or mobile device for recording and uploading. While recording work under the YouTube app, you can edit the movie and upload videos to the YouTube app. In the past, it was necessary to use multiple applications and applications on the same task.


  • You have to push forward 10 seconds and leave a useful double-tap function behind.
  • This text is just super clear and readable.
  • 'S likes and comments have been easy and can be made in no time
  • Image with high quality. It's super easy when you have an AMOLED screen.


  • The sub-box is kind of dirty and messy.
  • The charge can time if feared the signal is weak

User Reviews

User 1: Take the good out, it crashes or rarely freezes. Video quality is good. Because this update is bad, the falls are slightly different, the sound synchronization does not have much advertisement, and they are very very long, which is often compared to the video long and additionally, there often. In addition, the application on your hardware is very tiring.

User 2: When I try to place the image the video box is turned on is often frozen. Video games, but I can't stop it or open the video to stop YouTube. I have to be forced to close YouTube. Other times video windows are unusually expensive to install anything on my phone screen and I can. Sometimes I will push off other than YouTube, and I'll reboot the phone to turn it off. Please decide. It's too much guilt.

User 3: I'm a consumer and my Galaxy Note 10 Plus, poor background, is broken. Sometimes it works, but others I turn off the video and audio in the background. Today I have a background that I downloaded on the device works well, and then I'll play it for an hour or two and come back and start trying in the background and put a pause on it again. It will pay for the premium for a great deal.