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जुलाई 14, 2020

Tumblr is a place of expressing yourself, finding yourself, and what bonds are more to you. Whether fandoms or philosophy, fashion or felines, Tumblr, where to connect with people in their interests.

Every web version of Android is just a different display, together with Tumblr important. With this application, you can reach out and use your account easier because of its performance. Now the easiest among other blogging sites is the power of this platform. Your information has nothing to do with micro-blogging platforms known as photo editor programs for PicsArt like Facebook, other social media, and Twitter. So, you have to publish everything for this social media app just for you. In addition, the application displays from others and does not use it in a way to create RAM.

In fact, there are also vulnerabilities that can affect the performance of the smartphone. Well, the first weakness of this platform was that it was not SEO friendly. We already know that it is recognized by its simple power, and your lifestyle is reflected in the search engine. But today people are set, so it can be found in your blog search engine. It's a weakness that makes it difficult for users to put pictures as part of your article. In addition, they can provide feedback in a special position on a comment or post. Finally, the advantages and disadvantages of applying here.


  • You can easily show it.
  • It can be attached to your social media.
  • It is a very small application


  • This SEO is not favorable.
  • You can put images in trouble.
  • Unfortunately, you can leave a comment

To express themselves

  • Post photos, GIFs, including text, video live video, audio, everything.
  • Create your own GIFs. Cover them with stickers and text if you want.

Real investment

  • Want to see this too. Customize your Tumblr colors, fonts, layouts, everything.
  • You may also be interested in the topics followed by their selection. For visitors, you don't even know existed.

Connect with your people

  • Join millions of communities in the #tags millions.
  • See some I love you? It starts and calls Tumblr on Reblog.
  • Start a private conversation with your friends, send messages.
  • Or just look when you feel shy. No big deal.

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How To use the app

First, you should already have an account on Tumblr. In fact, this app features, as well as how it version of the website. But you can also have a kind of news with only the following account needed to understand, and then. By following them, you can view their activities, get ideas or post blogs as them. Then, just customize your account. You can finally change the name of the blog, choose the details in the sidebar, select the topics, customize your own taste based on all permissions. Well, a very interesting application for Blogger isn't it?

User Reviews

User 1: It's like Instagram and Facebook, but a bit claustrophobic. There are so many manufacturers with amazing pictures not to see the point where. They are the things that are associated with it and always feel like new improvements will not go out. Lot, for which I sometimes think. If you create but very attractive trouble logging and crazy username.

User 2: During a decade of using Tumblr, they continued to roll out a bad update after a bad update. But I don't really think before having any of the waste and disposal facilities. For some reason, they should be a ridiculous size of small font apps for Android. Seriously, this is not acceptable. It is very small. It's hard to see. Very irresponsible for anyone with vision problems! That's not right!

User 3: Open the app ughh tired of a link. Example: Someone link bio your Insta has its Tumblr and if it opens it you can see it, but you can also use see the applications (at least say what's a bit) but if u click "open" on" you Only here also brings plays. And then if you don't just click "Open" U Plays it will open your Tumblr personal pages. That's right, very annoying. 

नया क्या है

Thanks for choosing Tumblr, a place to connect with others over shared interests.
There were some activity bugs. Now there are not. Carry on.
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