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मार्च 06, 2020


Cut the Rope 2 1.19.1 apk you will find earlier versions for Android or downgrade a big help to easily install applications. It is one of the best puzzle apps.

There is one for each layer or two more nominal than hanging candy cut the ropes. You can steal cut your finger on the touch screen or use it. Then you can also use different things. For example, you can use the temporary and bubble blower. You have to keep the candy to Om Nom's mouth barrier around the rig. There is also a box for each level. You have to take each section of the neighborhood.

Well, it should be taken more boxes. For example, you can find clothing, foil, and cardboard. Then add more boxes. You can also find a variety of challenges you will find at each level. The level started from ground zero and will increase up to three-star points. To get a high score is definitely loaded, according to the available amount of time to collect a lot of stars. Finally, cut the cable for Android is all on 2 ratings.

Om Nom Meeting new friends, MOMMIES!

• Roto's best places can lead to Om Nom candy investigation. Nom noms, yummy!

• Leak help small bridges with his tongue preparations for Om Nom can reach its goal

• Blue Om Nom candy hunting fun take on a new level

• The Toss can throw objects into the air. Use Om Nom promote it,

• Candy and skills to solve the problem! Boo Om Nom fear can jump to new heights

• Snailbrow bravely rolls on the roof and push the candy around the walls, like a boss

• Ginger can burn barriers between Om Nom and sweets

Cut the Rope 2 APK 1.19.1

  • The new discovery! An interactive map, we collect candy as possible to cut through a rope around to find new places full of action.
  • Meet the all-new characters! Help the unexpected journey to find six new characters, Nommies.
  • New about your appreciation for all the hats! Select Customize Om Nom, choose your favorite candy and drawing with your finger.
  • For an all-new adventure of Om Nom! Fully move to the new graphics, sound and gameplay elements, the ability to Om Nom.
  • All-new missions? The right number of stars and strategically gather fruit to complete the mission in each level to collect.

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Adjusted Toss’ spring — now it’s even more flexible!