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अप्रैल 08, 2019

Charging data 4G and data server

4G Rev payload charge data and information servers have always been amazing with the idea. It offers mobile data a maximum of 25% per day which means that the smartphone 4G can install 1000MB of data consumable daily application data charge for Android and win the data server 250 MB.

The 4G application data charge and data server also keep your data usage and tracks used by various applications. This one can now know which applications use a lot of data and which reduces consumption. Viewing data also works in real-time, without an active internet connection.

4G users apps for friends and family of data servers under data recharge and yield information appeal. Each referral can give you 100 MB of data. The information server is directed in relation to data load and 4G downloads so as to take advantage of the data.

Download the charging data and 4G APK data server

The application uses the 4G included apk download link above for the installation and data server recharge information.

  • Install to be redirected to the tap side.
  • You will be asked to grant some tools permissions for the application.
  • Accept the draft "in order to obtain all the required validation.
  • Waiting is set a bit.
  • The data loading and 4G application icon information server will be created on your device home screen.
  • Launch the app.
  • Registration of your mobile number and confirmation of your e-mail address.
  • This is it! You are ready to receive a piece to monitor your data usage and user data return.


The data will be recharged and the 4G app installed on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, email or even free one-eye catching videos and data view a server-friendly way to access your data for various applications. This way, the same application part can also be used to convert data cash to Paytm.

Loading data and 4G Rev Information Server is much more than giving it to its regular users. However, it comes with the app display that can be cured to get data for free. So, now have free information and try for free data server and 4G applications without much anticipation of data enjoyment! "