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Background color: white; box-shaped edge field; color: font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: L4pksh; text-align: justify; Oxford University and English language tools with advanced search, which is a quality language The Oxford Dictionary of Applications has become an integral part of the mobile dictionary with the contents of MobiSystems Press.


In addition to improving the English dictionary, does Oxford create a dictionary?

• The most comprehensive coverage of the English language went to it, anywhere

• The latest vocabulary of sentences, more than 350,000 words, and meanings

Oxford English Latest Research Corpus Words and phrases • Descended from thousands

• There are 75,000 commonly controversial or frequency setting pronunciation words for both and rarely words

Ideal for professionals, students, and scholars who all need a comprehensive and authentic dictionary of current English at work or at home.

Search Tools - Find a clear, functional thank you word and interface easy.

The intelligent game has many tools or you find inclusive:

• Automatically complete the search term or help you type quickly by displaying only guesses

• See keywords, you can search within compound words and phrases

• Correct spelling ('*' or '') as 'wildcard', as well as 'automatic fuzzy filter letter or all parts of the word'

• Camera results from the camera viewfinder and displays search terms

Attractive features are helping you increase your vocabulary - learning tools.

• Create from extensive library, custom folders of favorite 'feature with a list of words

• Easily check-up words in the "latest "list

• Extending your daily vocabulary "day word 

• The home screen provides random words at a glance widget

More from:

• Audio Pronunciation - How to hear word pronunciation

• Offline mode - See words without an Internet connection

Even more with premium:

• Audio Pronunciation - How to hear word pronunciation

• Offline mode - See words without an Internet connection

• Priority Support - The fastest way to address any application related issues

• If there are any ads - Ads app

* Contains small applications extension for Sony products *

17 Oxford Dictionary set for its knowledge in one package !!

From this wonderful dictionary for everyone:

Search tool

Find words using search terms you need more help with.

Education Aids

The feature allows you to add a number that lets you increase your vocabulary.

- Android 7 Extensions

- Some improvements and fixes

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  • Bug fixes and performance improvements