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जुलाई 29, 2020

Cody (formerly XBMC) has developed the application of the XBMC / Cody Foundation, a free and open-source media player, a non-profit technology. Cody is a 10-foot user for use with many operating systems and hardware platforms, TVs and remote controls. The user plays and lets you play the best videos, music, podcasts and more from local and network storage devices and the Internet. Central allows you to view digital media files.

Kodi® Media Center-Center (Home Theater PC) Award-winning Cross Free and Open Source Platform Software for HTPCs Media Player and Entertainment Digital Media. It uses the interface remotely and is designed to have a sitting room of 10 feet with a media player with control as the user's only primary input device. The graphical user interface (GUI) allows the user to easily browse and watch videos, photos, podcasts and music from the Internet with a hard drive, optical disk, local network, and just a few buttons.


Whatever so no content is the official version of Kodi. This means that you have a local or remote storage space, DVD, Blu-ray or other type of base that you should provide your own content here. In addition, Kodi, you can provide third-party plug-ins that can access freely available content from the official content provider on website access. Any other route that contains illegal content is not otherwise endorsed or permitted by the paid team Cody.


  • You allow them to create multiple add-ons and shortcuts for them. So you have to see many options for shows and movies on your digital platform.
  • Easy to learn, or how to use it "without having to read".
  • Customize many streaming with add-ons. The user makes it easy to select which to add to your app channel.


  • It is plentiful and requires a powerful internet connection so that some people prefer to watch cable TV later or download certain shows and other media software only.
  • Estuary is the new default skin and is designed to be quick and easy to use.

Skin Estouchy Cody is recommended from now on, well designed to work with the big 5. "Cody" or phone and tablet have been expanded or used with smaller phones.

Choose your weapon

Cody has been working hard to support our developers with a wide range of devices and operating systems from many lots. Final release versions make it the ultimate development for the future. To begin with, just select the forum that you want to install it from.

In older versions

Please note that we support 17.x. Or the first release of the version we do not recommend to make the year that you do not accept the bug reports used, you need to download them and also use the brand.


A stable release source is available here. The current development is our git repository. Source GitHub or Clone can be viewed online:


  • Cody delivery or any media or content.
  • Consumers will have to install their own content or provide a third-party plug-in
  • Kodi cannot connect to any third-party plug-in that it is from vendors, so there are never add-ons.
  • We do not support copyright without the consent of the copyright holder streaming content.
  • To upgrade from the previous version, you should set up the official release version of Team Cody. Any other version is enhanced due to error.

To use the app

When you watch a movie, you want to open the application menu for the first time and select "followed by" File Manager "System Select". Select "Add Source" and add your file. Add an Android TV or other setting, instructions are provided on the application just for you to follow.

नया क्या है

This is the release of 18.7 "Leia". For more information visit our website kodi.tv. Feel free to make a donation while you are there.