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जनवरी 28, 2018

Brain jumps just busting Pac-Man puzzle adventure! Make your way through clay snacks and fill your way back home by Pac-Man enthusiasm with a meal of epic proportions jumping in your way. Can you break through a sandwich-filled island picnic park? Or maybe for something sweet? Cruise Dessert Caves! Here go for the latest juicy visit PAC-MAN: avoid walls, bounce pass obstacles, demons Waka Waka pack points, collect stars and collect Won Rit Ki!

Would you love this puzzle? Pac-Man Jump Try the APK on your mobile phone. Install the game on your phone and you can help the country breakfast pc through - people come back to jump their way home. To pass it the way, you must pass the food frenzies. You can create your own sandwich picnic park. Picnic experience in real life in a big graphics and virtual world. Then you avoid the ghosts to win the game bounce through the wall and grab the bypass barrier keys!

The game is beautiful and exciting. There are many attributes, the first feature is the soul - level blistering. This is where you need to bounce a hundred levels up. Another feature is the delicious world. This is where the game takes you spring to install more than ten snacks around the world. The previous two tasks chew on enemies that you have to compete with a gang of ghosts and friends to hit the face of the enemy, where online Facebook friends.

Just be sure to treat or not be capable Android game. They also make sure that you should be logged in to your Facebook account and connected to the game. In some levels, you compete in the game to ask your Facebook friends and join you. Some functions can only be purchased through Facebook. Some features are required from your Facebook friends or passing enemies. So you should be online to play Pac Man Jump for Android with your phone.

PAC-MAN Bounce, because I never bounce! Are you ready for a bounceback?


  • Insane level! More than 100 unique levels of bounce.
  • Delicious world! Spring your way through 10 delicious snacks that are delicious in the world.
  • The enemy chews! Dodge the dangerous obstacles and enemies infamous spirit gear: Blinky, royal grandchildren, Pinky and Clyde.
  •  friends maneuvered to avoid! Compete against your Facebook friends.

New series Pacman will play! Play the very latest popular Pacman, you have this game. Your task in the game will be on all levels. The mission we achieved will be to organize a new PACM to try to get to the next level. If you have successfully completed your mission, you can go to the next level. You can start by downloading our game to play this game with over 100 links level and immediately. Have fun.