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जून 23, 2020

Android user interface Toy Blast is intuitive and personal. After successful installation, start launching the application with a full screen of colorful blocks. Feature is that you delete a limited number of players to move the level.

In Portrait Mode, this game shows a perfect match that delivers 3 gaming environments. Some different classes are block-shaped grill colors. Each block engraved on its face has a unique shape. For example, apply in parallel to square, circle, star, and crescent.

In another Match-3 game, you try to find groups of 3 or more. The difference is, however, that instead of stealing the slide and adapting, you are able to current games on the screen. Then tap Add to break all the blocks to make them disappear. There is asleep, only a cluster current of 3 or more blocks. There are many wonderful power-ups you can collect and try to humble to make this game exciting.

The controls are pretty simple. Use basic tap water to deliver the goods. With visual graphics, lively and original colors invite, but also a cool card for all levels. Sounds good explosion and visual pop. Although some people may find it a bit slower than one style. Thoughts are filled with hilarious music, because if they are boring.

Key Features of Toy Explosion:

  • Unique and simple gameplay - just matching dice hen
  • 2500 puzzle, easy and fun to challenge, but the game master
  • Fun Events Every Day: Star Tournament Crown Rush, Level-Up Challenge
  • Star Chest - Award-winning Open and wonderful as you progress through the levels
  • Legends of the arena, where you compete with the best players
  • Daily Price Chart
  • Holding on to your courage of dozens of adorable characters and toys
  • Many boosters and powerful combo to help you solve puzzles
  • Leader to compete with all your friends and players in the world

Master the strategy, power-ups, and puzzle.

On your journey, you will find a series of boosters exploring. You can use these boosters with the right strategy to block the game of power by using and may be missing. As you grow through the levels, it is important to develop related skills booster strategies, how you use a limited number of successful ones will go. A TNT box boost destroys all blocks around it. A Roto-booster will delete the entire line. Make way coins, extending the playing time with the cards forward.

Simple, fun and addictive match game.

Other game features and fun game graphics. Look for a mini-cracker at the end of each round. Special cubes, missiles, and other magical items will help you win, making rapid progress. The game is simple, fun and suitable for all ages.

Leader and Tom Blast Frequently Asked Questions APK.

1. Tom Blast Guide: Tips for the Three Star Level

  1. Get Use time back to your life
    • Device settings and time to proceed.
  2. Get more coins connect your facebook
    • This way, you can get 25 free coins without paying.
    • You can also ask your friends for life.
  3. Make a combo with two tiles passing by
  4. It is worth noting that special tiles explode on a time scale

2. Determine missile direction as a rocket route?

Can tell someone it's random. But fans are always researching this route Desire Rocket next time. It's really hard to give a clear answer.

Here are some players.

When I select the rocket class and I want my finish/right, I need to turn the square left or right to have the same color.

For example, if the 6 horizontal red boxes are connected by left to right, if I make rockets, it will point left / right.

On the contrary, when 6 red boxes are attached vertically from top to bottom, on it when I make a rocket, it is on the same path.

If it looks like the L of the red box is the size of the rocket L I can choose where by choosing the friendly part that I want. If I selected a red field in the horizontal section of the missile L will show a horizontal increase and a vertical box will create a vertical missile.

Disclaimer: There are exceptions! Who is always angry. I believe that in some ways programmers are always a little box coded to work.

User Reviews

User 1: Game 3 is a very good game I have no problem with this, though I have had this game on a different device for a really long time. That device is because of the ads I say and download anything like these ads. So I've found myself reviewing why I've been very disappointed. It was like a bait and switch, but nothing to show you something different and more for the product

User 2: It's a simple game, and you can go all over and more. Sweet personal different computer game couple make you feel like I love instead of just a button, almost 2000 levels level of experience. And if you don't need any money to make some money they can qualify thanks to Toy Blas at different levels,

User 3: So stupid app registration with FB, my progress to save my progress pops up! Well ..... I was about level 2400 and logged in and my progress from the stupid app start and I destroyed the level start! Really delete this application. If you are level with the fans, you can meet the fans with all the colors and they will not fill if you use a rotor or TNT.

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Be sure to update to the current version of Toy Blast for the newest content. In every 2 weeks, we bring 50 NEW LEVELS! Come and join the fun!