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The Wattpad app can be a great and another platform to share their stories in stories and exercises. It's a free online community, where people share poems, articles, novels, short stories, fan fiction, etc. when you have more than fifty authors worldwide. I can find stories in languages.

Wattpad is an Android app that can be read status to reach millions of e-books that are books. Wattpad is free for Android operating devices. There is a comprehensive e-book program worldwide. It offers many options for users with great content. You can also try the Kindle.

A great shortcut for readers because the app fonts on a computer rather than just typing and mobile phones. You can find hundreds of different genres of books. Wattpad is a book that you may be interested in adding to your personal library. Books you can just read continue to be stored later. It also saves you from ever taking care of a book to take care of losing your point.

Wattpad app Interface

The Wattpad app has five main sections at the bottom of the screen.

  • The first "finding" is where we find trend books and different genres to work, and maybe looking for those books.
  • Other "library" books that we may have added offline, and are personal.
  • Third, "create" ", we write our work, and we can add a cover story while writing the story and also allow the user of a story to add photos on different parts. You can add a URL.
  • "Update" Section More information Fourth part 'Shared, News Feed', 'Communication'.
  • "Our Profile" The fifth and final part, we're going to list our work and reading.
  • There are books, stories, and poems that you can download for free in practically every category. In practice, you can share your own stories, books, and poems. Including Turkish language support is available in many languages. You can also rate your favorite authors, contact and jump contact and conversation books, commentary books and stories and more. For more information can visit the Wattpad site.

It's Thousands You Can Create Your Favorite Writers and Demand Writers Around the World, You Can Watch Your Own 1D / One Direction, Read Stories, Including Lucy Hale, Supernatural, Kpop, and Margaret Atwood, Paulo Coelho is a Member, You The book can be obtained and administered directly by the history writers. You can publish stories to them and write to others. We try to show that you will find this app very useful for mobile users who are enthusiastic about the literature on the number of options available.

Wattpad. Where are the stories?

The world's largest social storytelling platform. The global community of 80 million readers and writers connect through the power of the Wattpad story. Read it today to start downloading or writing original stories.

Looking for your story for that

Tell your own story? Go see the community and technology Wattpad by force. Share an original story on Wattpad and see if you promote your writing journey with our community. Think your story could be the next movie? Wattpad At Wattpad Studios, find unused and talented writers and connect them to a global multi-media entertainment company.

Read the original story

Discover the stories of more than fifty authors from around the world languages! Whatever you read, thriller, science fiction, mystery, comedy, action, adventure, fantasy, young adult novels or anything fanfiction- on the future Wattpad. If you are looking to eat more LGBT seat cutes, cyber fairy tales, or a new techno-thriller, you'll find everything and find a lot of things Wattpad.

Join a group of history lovers

When you join Wattpad, history lovers become members of the international community. Support authors comment directly connected to stories with other passionate readers and writers to read them, and how they create and share their origin stories. You can also read and make it part of your library or reading lists so your friends can always know what you are reading.

Free library to start my own

Save them your favorite stories wherever you go. Hooked on a story? You either easy, easy to take it off the left side if you're on your laptop, tablet or Kindle iPhone sync your account.

Read stories inspired by movies

If you then watch Booth Kiss on Netflix, the brilliant flow went because Hulu or the New York Times read Anna Todd's sale of the Wings series, you know, these stories may not have been first found on Wattpad. The stage entertainment industry will be the next big breakthrough, and today the scrub arrives at the box office to read the sensational debut.


  • Free stories at its fingertips, novels, and books on the world and free short stories to explore but also receive millions of books altogether
  • Such historical fiction because of hundreds of werewolves to pick out styles to choose from? Wattpad has it! Do you love discharge junkie science fiction or 1950s-style stories? Also this app! No matter what genre you like, but fan fiction, you can find it here.
  • In a rich community and your readers of the best aspect of this application, it includes all devices comfortable, writers and other readers of stories to help you and combine the ability to shape the future of literary genres.


  • Ad-supported is a free app, so I look forward to some more ads now!

User Reviews

User 1: I love Wattpad, but I have two minor problems with it. 1. Paid lessons/coins. I think we could spend the money on the way things are for those of us who don't need to get free coins. I always thought percentages after two or three points. 2. If you read a story, and if you accidentally close an application without it, from your library or something so small, maybe a way to find it again in the section might be to add you recently and read on. General Chat Chat Lounge Besides I really love Wattpad.

User 2: Very good, but quite a few things are missing. 1. In line with what you read in the book recommendations, and not really so bad. 2. Find is just horrible. I don't find if I like books that I sometimes like exactly the same title. Search conducted by the best suspects on. This is really bad. Please go to this change. The top of the road should go popular and its good stories.

User 3: This is a really fun app, I only have a few problems. I personally have read a lot of people who read my book, and I read a lot with all the men. I think Wattpad readings are recorded correctly. I know that reading by itself is not registered because reading some chapters is a way to let more and more sounds that should be possible. Please decide. 

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Minor bug fixes and enhancements.