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Jul 08, 2020

Jurassic World™: The Game, depending on the heat back on the epic adventure Isla Nublar with Smash official mobile game makers, hit the Jurassic Park ™ Builder for your next adventure. Bring a new movie 150 to live more than giant dinosaurs and shake the earth in combat. Challenge their opponents to create tomorrow's theme park unique design and fight dinosaur experience.

To create a successful battle arena team, you will find that your dinosaurs should design the most efficient and effective service to nail and develop. New and wonderful species of dinosaurs are found by the miracle-filled Kartenset. As a result, every day you feed the movie Owen, Claire and your favorite characters and genetically modify their dinosaurs. Now that the park is open, it's time to make your own Jurassic World!

In Jurassic World™: The Game you will:

  • Science Collect Because hatch and more than 200 unique dinosaurs will be considered to be developed as laws!
  • The creation and modernization of iconic buildings and film encouraged the lush landscape.
  • Shake the earth to challenge opponents around the world wars!
  • How to navigate exciting new stories and exciting missions, with characters from the film dialogue!
  • Hasbro® Better Entering Experience Brawlasaursડાં Toys - Scan any toy dinosaurs and direct game that fight with it!
  • Choose from several card packs; Can bring a special dinosaur to every life!
  • Get daily prizes such as coins, DNA and other important resources.


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  • These tutorials are easy to understand.
  • It offers excellent graphic quality.
  • Dino realistic movement.


  • It takes a high specification.
  • Long load and large file size.
  • It can only be played in a newer version of Android.

How to play

Turn-based combat power players should direct action points while rivals not waste a larger health problem as more action points get you to a division that is used to attack in combat and more damage opponents. Players are also recommended to pack time and resources to gather, its development can raise dinosaur levels, and take them further for development. It is recommended to open the mystery package every 6 hours. Pack sometimes paid weekly war with the return super race pack. It really works because it's rewarding to miss. Don't waste money and money to buy a package. In the battlefield when entering all points, the enemy attack will block all attacks, if not aggressive, you have the opportunity to attack the opponent alike, it will be futile. 

Apa yang baru

  • Isla Sorna Expansion! Continue to build out your parks in 5 NEW zones.
  • Park level cap increase - Max out your parks to level 90!
  • New creatures will be entering the park soon – come back daily for more details.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations for a smoother experience.