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Buzz Launcher-Smart&Free Theme Apk

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gen 25, 2018

Buzz Launcher was the last Red Dot Award. Buzz Launcher Best App was always recognized for the best personalization app and the best brand acceptance award for shared home screen implementation for your smartphone launches that permits your smartphone. With Buzz Launcher for Free!

Homescreen downloads are best suited to your taste for your new smartphone, and share your wonderful home screen layout with others!

"Buzz Launcher" is a very custom launcher. Allow applying your own smartphone to the normal screen. More Buzz Launcher Number of free themes under 1000,000+ clear themes (most of all with Launcher is a free ad customized launcher)! All friends are excited to check out amazing screens all over the world on the planet!

No. 1 in Japan and Korea; More than 12 million people worldwide choose on the home screen off.

Buzz Launcher service that lets you decorate a home screen on Android Free.

"Prepare yourself, then you will be lacking. Buzz Launcher is probably the most radical step we have found that" K -Laptopmag

You didn't dare to decorate your cell phone because it was hard to find, but now there are more than 500,000 people in the world to implement designs. Download the most of a wonderful experience home pack and it will be applied to your phone immediately. Buzz Launcher, with your phone dress with new clothes.

Buzz Launcher gives you a magic Android experience that you can't imagine.

  • 200,000+ beautiful and unique screen home packs available through Buzz
  • Both PCs and mobile packs you can watch at home (http://www.homepackbuzz.com)
  • Personalized home screen customization with strong icons and wallpapers processing
  • Very simple - the screen is downloaded and executed within 5 seconds
  • One-touch more social sharing and more through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ Home screen sharing
  • Minimalist Text Compatible with Ultimate Custom Widget, Battery Widget Z, Power Sharing, Soul and Soul Calendar Mail
  • Unique Widget Features - Time, Date, Battery Widgets "Create My Widgets ??? Buzz provided by the custom widget.
  • Take a look at the most popular home pack designs at a glance !! You can show all your friends !!! Pack your home

Main Features

New features

  • To update the home screen pre-setting screen, share lock screen capability, and download functionality

Multi-screen wallpaper

  • Choose a different background image for each screen

My symbol

  • How to create your own icons and resize an icon editing tool or edit size. Transparent icons (icon pack theme supported) are also supported

Multi Grid

  • Display a separate grid for each screen (up to a 12x12 fraction)

Managed folder

  • Create app folders in drawer/home screen folder images, resize and change folders

Manage the app

  • Most frequently used applications can see recently installed programs and features hidden applications

App drawer handle

  • The screen design is attached to the application drawer, so you can manage the applications screen

Gesture Support

  • Up, down double tap and more.

Follow the function support

  • You can follow the Buzz Launcher designer's recommendation or imagine your friends on your side too.

Preview support

  • Different scene settings 

Cosa c'è di nuovo

  • Enhanced Security.
  • Bugs fixed.