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3.10.18 per Android
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lug 10, 2020

If you want many functions that just package APUS Launcher latest APK 3.10.10 (491), you may need an app in the first place. For some people, downloading an obstacle for more than the app can be just the first and foremost. Some may say that you can consume large amounts of mobile data download programs, which is something that can support more applications depending on the size of your smartphone RAM. Can, if the legs with your device. Thanks to this application, you need to download many applications and the ability to take your RAM Mobile Data.

APUS Launcher Features:

US APUS Boost - Clean and RAM grow in a fluid way that you can quickly switch to games, programs, and messages.

Apps Priority Apps and Smart Folders - which are automatically sorted by category or found to use business applications.

Find the web, fun apps/games and find applications for your phone or tablet right from the home screen - 1 mobile search.

● APUS Discovery Discover nearby applications trends in real-time.

● Linked Wallpaper - Change your own wallpaper friend. Connect with parts and the world.

● Wallpaper - Set a new breathtaking HD wallpaper on your home screen. Share your favorite wallpapers via a photo story with a World APUS user.

● Topic - Upload new themes for free from our regularly updated gallery. Customize your home screen.

● App Drawer - Find all your applications in the Lists folder. Can easily find your application based on alphabetical order.

● APUS - The Wind Chings important calendar events and swings to remember hot news.

● Free swipe - Run the swipe apps list for the free swipe tab on the right recently and open system settings using it recently.

● APUS Headlines - News Trends are just a swipe or read track of the home screen to read.

● Improved App Market - Lightweight, warm and interesting applications browsing the App Market using a simple layout.

● APUS Toolkit - APUS, a digital toolbox filled with a selection of useful widgets: booster, flashlight, calculator, notepad and more.

● Screen Transition Effects - As you adjust the flip between screens with transition effects.

● Power + - An eye device extends battery life and battery consumption.

If APUS Launcher doesn't know or haven't heard of this app, there's a small piece of information for you. This application is really easy to adapt to many applications in one package. Yes, you are not just a lot of apps and can download applications without the Play Store. But don't worry about downloading fake or invalid apps. All applications here are securely applicable, legal and do not put any adverse effect on your smartphone. So why tell someone to make this simple application?

For more detail, there are all deals for applications at the typical consumption level of a jack launcher. You can not use the common smartphone settings many things come together in the first place. First things first, you must edit your phone depends on any wallpaper. Thanks to the varieties that you can first download without choosing wallpaper, wallpaper, you always want additionally, cleaning application security headquarters, phone and all the time can help to change antivirus service agreement.

But for some people, this app can be very boring, but also available to bring them different options. In this case, downloading that projection has nothing to do with the selection of apps. So if you expect that the Play Store will give you any apps, you are wrong. Download an app based on the APUS Launcher. In this case, they're definitely different from the Play Store. So, the more you get the peanuts if you don't expect the monkeys to pay. "

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