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giu 11, 2020

ZenUI Launcher is a top-cut launcher for Android devices. This way, you can customize the mobile user look and projection look. You can change the font icon, color. App rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars according to different rating platforms.Best of all, the Launcher theme pack and launcher functions are completely free to use.

Such personal management can also improve for devices, such as fun to use on your device. Will you have a situation free theme? Yes, you do not. Do you use cool wallpaper set themes to look at different devices and can make you nervous? Of course, it could be you. Not just wallpaper - can you manage the idea of ​​icon size and adaptation? Yes, you can. Overall, the simple operation is that you get the app another benefit.

Customize your launcher because you want it to: Apply changes to wallpapers and widgets, apply icons, scrolling effects or transitions, or organize your apps into folders (and free!). Protecting eyes with all embedded application locking features to protect your applications.

Your Android Launcher, now more personalized!

• With a variety of free themes, free wallpapers, icons, effects, and infections on your personality on your Android devices! You can make it even more fun and interesting lock set separate wallpapers for home screen and screen.

• Adjust your app and app screen to font, font size or home screen, lock screen, and widget icon size.

Efficient and logic manages your home screen!

• Easily Customizable Launchers Swipe Setting Shortcuts Home Screen Key using system programs, widgets, wallpapers, icons, and system queries.

• Download Free themes and icon pack launcher theme links.

• Organize your apps and folders (access all apps on the home screen) or two-level modes (access apps with a link) in one level mode.

• Smart Groups feature Organize apps to keep your screen of groups associated with cars.

• Get a sneak peek of your wallpaper, themes, fonts, customization and more live on your screen!

Intelligent and quick discovery!

• Find instant intelligent search topics that just swipe down your app, contacts, or your Android device.

• We recommend exploring the great Android app logic compatible app search function.

• Confidence that you can count on!

• AppLock was built and the application has been designed to protect your eyes from prying eyes or to protect the unauthorized access of private applications.

To use the app

You are free to make some changes to the launcher. One of the easiest implementations wallpapers to customize. You can easily swipe the home screen, so you can "adjust to the home". Select "Wallpaper". If you come for this part, you can also choose the background image. You can do this without setting the lock screen or on the home screen. Once you click "more". Look at the different wallpapers there. "Download" and then select "Apply". That's his personalization. If you want to apply different effects, you can do that too.