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PhotoDirector Photo Editor App Apk

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lug 03, 2020

Edit photos and add photos and photos with more Fx resize pictures! Our PhotoDirector app combines photography with feature-rich, multi-live camera filter effects and picture editor and creative college shooting.

Store editor changes to take photo effects with white balance or saturation, click on photo effects and creative adjustments in real-time use directly from the camera.

PhotoDirector resize images for change background, bright images and more! Touch Application Photo Filter Lens to use to create a flare effect or just light photo loss. Camera and editor You can share your number of devices Create awesome recording your own pictures.

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This app does not allow you to just add items. You can also create things because of both image processing. This content was removed intentionally editing tools, as in all those programs. You can remove that helps you find available objects in the picture unnecessarily. What is more These tools make it easy to use basic? Therefore, you should feel faster processing. You can ask for more than that? They will be happy to process the image itself.

There are some things good application, some things that should not be any application. This is not an application chosen, which is why it can be bad for some potential decline. Apps are still in development for the better, after all.

Picture Editor Tool

  • Improved image adjust your shot or hard white balance problems easily colorize the HSL regulator and RGB color channels in your photos
  • Refreshing photos easily shine, dark, contrasts and contrast adjusted tone slider
  • Clear possible image saturation tweak for color processing and improved color accuracy Instant white balance correction
  • Photo FX: Global photo application for effects or specific areas of your images
  • Import photos from the image editor: with folder or camera in the shoot and edit app
  • Edit collage maker, customize, and then combine your favorite photos to create impressive pictures!

Photography with live photo effects

  • Apply live photo effects as you take your photos
  • The camera under the visual effects application with a wide range of professional cameras

Cut to cut things

  • Quick Content-Aware Photobomber Photos with tools or cuts to remove unwanted items
  • Images Fresher and foggy clear picture with your recordings of fast DEHAZE tools, fog and fog replacement.

Photo effects, HDR and film editing

  • Add background or dramatic vacation photo editing and create balanced HDR effects landscapes
  • Effective artistic, preset photo effects, including sketches on DF, HDR and Photo, a professional art style
  • The closest thing with the mixer tool image effects in editing your desktop is to add an extra image or layer of effect to your photo!
  • Create and add photos with one click spirit with overlays leak style light photos, grunge effects, lens flare and more
  • Linear and tools to improve the radial opacity image for you, create a tilt-shift creative photo effects Bokeh series

Photo Sharing

  • In order to improve the image with the camera or editor, your own photos as wallpapers without leaving the app
  • Share photos, and creative photo filters on Instagram with InstaFill
  • Photography can be social! Share with your friends, family, and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and more.

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Photo Full Version Features:

  • Unlimited commodity transfer and cloning removal
  • Unlimited DEHAZE
  • 4K resolution camera Ultra HD stores images (recording device)
  • Removed photo logo collage and frame
  • Ads in an app

System Requirements

  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and higher
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 768 MB of RAM
  • 480x640 screen resolution
  • ARM CPU, Tegra 3 and higher
  • Support and JPEG / PNG images only

How to use

There are some things you can do with this app. Photo editing tools you can start using in your photos by adjusting the HSL controls and RGB color channels. Then ask Photo Photo Editor app to help you light, dark, android, and all sound. Be sure to improve color accuracy with fast white balance correction. Tweak saturation will help to ensure the vitality of your photos. Partly that does not apply to the photo effects that you completely see, but how you look fit. You will find amazing results safe. 

Cosa c'è di nuovo

New update! Add brilliant frames and incredible texts to your image layers. Plus, completely transform any image with awesome new Look effects!