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giu 29, 2020

GO Launcher EX helps you customize the phone. If you need a music player widget, clock, and task manager, it is the best option. The G0 Launcher is a modern smart and slim system for your Android phone. New Go Launcher "The screen is a 365-day update theme and HD wallpapers are decorated. In addition, there are plenty of gestures and tools to create great phones.

Go Launcher is to enhance the new flat interface design with interactive control experience, sufficient power and efficiency, more superior and useful features, brand adoption set to increase engstenen in past and previous applications, personalize new mobile operating experience,

However, despite the good things, it also works the app to discuss the bad side and the sermon. While all of this app is free to download, there are things that you need to apply a lot of real money. Just something Android users, especially those who have left to download and pay for, have this application installed on your phone. It may seem a bit hard, but it's that this app is more than just a bad thing. In addition, it's an app that everyone wants on their Android platform. Here is the application amount.

Tasks in the launcher include:

  • GO Theme: 10000 + Free Mobile Themes Introducing for Android
  • Go wallpapers: HD, wallpapers from around the world, including daily updates of various types of beauty, pets, and large landscapes
  • Transition Effects 20+ Screen and Drawer Animation Effects
  • Widgets: Weather Widget, Widget Widget and Find the 2018 Calendar Widget List
  • IPO Management: Hide and lock protection applications call for security and intruders who add images allowing you to unlock your application without the need
  • Dr. Explicit: Increase your phone speed
  • DIY Live Wallpaper: Great DIY wallpapers with stickers, animations, and your live wallpapers, etc.

You can customize the lock screen interface for your menus in the home screen, and also go find launcher and 3D effects in launcher themes, icons HD wallpaper and widget.

2018 Personalized App with 10,000 mobile themes

GO Launcher Z is a stylish app and personalized for Android phones that offers you more than 10,000 mobile themes. We create professional designers launcher themes every week, including stylish, stars, anime, games, cartoons and so on, with a variety of styles available. Screen widgets using 3D effects and 100,000 HD wallpapers more free, menus and screen lock if you are ready to customize your home screen.

Launcher app for your mobile cold

Developed 3D Engine with Independent Go Launcher provides a very fast and reliable operating experience with a smooth and wonderful 3D effect is always the best partner users dedicated to your life and works to the world of mobile use.

Download the Go Launcher Z and launch the best design experience from Android Launcher to Android themes! We are confident that you will find your favorite launcher theme in the Theme Shop for Android.

How To use the app

As shown above, this application is very simple. Just find the app logo, a topic that is applicable to your phone. Since most independent topics, you must try to be satisfied with the topics available for free. Because it is still beautiful, it does not really matter. But if you want more, you may be able to purchase one or two topics. To avoid wasting money on an app, you should decide what topic you really need a bit to choose. Overall, the Go Launcher app holds Android gadgets to keep track of your gadgets.

User Reviews

User 1: I used to go to the Launcher in Love! There is no set of them I know behind the original one. I have to get rid of launch ads Prime and for some strange reason, I need monthly subscription free advertising to buy?!?! Total BS Selfish! I have never, ever, ever again supported greedy people! I was there from the beginning, and I wash my hands with them! Do not unlock your phone in your face and constantly watch your advertising if you absolutely love each and every time! I prefer the Prime of Nova Launcher !! 

User 2: $ 95 a year, which is freely used for using a home launcher! And because it is worth the $ 95 fortunately, they can not escape, you can now use e-telephone, otherwise, just do not finish the installation. Now I use that ad money to use this phone too, but I never decline to remix the f *** and decided to devour an extra-large dose of appetite. Use your application together with this non-my mobile thanks. One can develop "Lite" free versions as well as next time applications.

User 3: What are you doing with it? It reflects advertising to buy the premium version. Then it doesn't work to get rid of all the mobile button, just call it. Can I solve this problem if I do not buy the premium version? Oh, I found you. This is the essence of the back button in the bottom corner.