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Files by Google: Free up space on your phone Apk

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feb 21, 2020

Unlike other Android File Manager application, it is less than 7 MB or very small size. Therefore, this app is very light and does not charge the phone, even though your phone is made and is the type of Android. Most file managers are used to Google, not ordinary go-to files in Android. Yes, these accumulated used applications quickly uninstall files with other users and find duplicate files. Remove the.

Whether storage optimization or cleaners are equipped with this skill application. Another benefit is that it will clean your Android memory, whether it's external or internal memory. However, it would be better then this app has Android performance and makes it faster.

Overall, this app is a very useful free space on your Android phone. Download and install the app on your device, no need to remove other programs to save space since. Finally, there are some good and frauds of this application, you need to understand before you can use it here.


  • The user gets secure sharing and faster offline files.
  • It helps to remove spam or repetitive applications.
  • This may be able to find a quick way to document photos, videos, or important files.
  • It makes applications faster and is useful for space on your phone screen.
  • Then the savings are not in the right place, they are very small.

Files by Google helps you get from a file management app:

  • Empty space with cleaning recommendations
  • Search for a file with fast and easy browsing
  • File sharing, fast with others and offline without data
  • Compressed files to save space on the device

More space for free

Non-used apps for removing old photos and explicit applications from cache, chat, and memes, delete duplicate files in just a few clicks, you can create space faster and easier than ever before.

Check your storage

Try to use how much free space the files left on your phone and SD card. A simple application directly transfers files to an SD card in your phone. Or get more space on the phone with the built-in file cleaner.

Be in control

You always know you have to delete the things we don't know behind hiding complex words and phrases. Just select what you want to remove, and keep the rest. So you are responsible for your photos, your videos, your files.

Boost phone power

Use enough files to hold the memory, set up your phone so easy to keep. Regularly you will receive instant junk immediately or have temporary files and memory assistance.

Intelligent recommendations

First, you get tips on how to delete files. The more the Files app recommends you get better use it.

Finding files faster

Save time, photos, videos and documents in search of your phone. The filter files instead uses the folder so your content is organized more conveniently. Google and the Files and Memory Browser help you search faster.

Easy management of files

Look for files or just navigate through categories and filters. See Rename move, delete or share any file. Take up space to understand file size types. Browse to have all GIFs. Find and share videos from last week. All this with a few taps.

Share files offline

Have your pictures, videos, documents or programs share with others, near the app. At 480 Mbps with fast speed, it's fast, free, and it works without the Internet, so it doesn't cost mobile data. Have someone hold your phone attached to the app files.

Encrypted file sharing

Be sure to transfer parts of the offline file to secure files, WPA2 encryption files. The Files app, the app apk or pictures for sending a video or large files to your friends, is transmitted to another encrypted and direct Wi-Fi connection. Safe and reliable.

Cloud backup files

If you want to keep a file, always select from the Files menu and take you back to Google Drive or other Cloud Storage applications. Save it forever, without storage space on your phone.

SD card backup files

You run out of memory on your phone, only the SD. Large files or video transfer card runs on if you have one. With just a few clicks you can clean your phone and get more from the SD card. This means your phone has a quick drop in your internal memory free.

An effective, efficient memory management

The Files app takes up less than 10 MB of space on your phone. And no malware or bloatware has an effect on your phone's performance.


There are three things your device does when taking up little space on files:
  • Space - How to make phone memory significant and your smartphone's clean junk files and cache power, to optimize your phone or tablet.
  • Find files quickly - Browse your store and find everything management expert quickly and without files.
  • Sharing Files - Send a video transmission to large files or applications sharing APK. All rated super fast speed with a 480 Mbps directly encrypted via a Wi-Fi network.

How To use the app

You can delete your smartphone location, just a few tabs of old photos, chat, unused apps, cache, and empty duplicate files. It is made easy and fast. Share your videos, document applications, images without the internet. Speed ​​up to 125 MBps.

In addition to check one more use of your collection. How much free space you can check your phone and SD card file. Also provides files and SD card directly from the app. Have you always wanted to keep a file? In fact, it's easy to backup cloud files. Well, then you just need to select the file from the "File" menu and save the Cloud Storage application.

User Reviews

User 1: The file transfer speed is very frustrating. I find it very satisfying all the other tasks, but I have problems with just the right. Even if the target is only in memory (internal SD card, USB flash drive, etc.), there is a difference too slow. If I choose the option, it only takes a few seconds with Cuz Explorer's built-in file transfer, while the application takes more than half an hour.

User 2: You won't get help screaming for them and say, 'Oh, this folder loads empty folders only works half the time, some things aren't enough space. I've tried to repair it for the last half-hour, but it doesn't work. Then I actually checked your room and I'm good! I have half blocked a lot of space, but not everything

User 3: Wow !!! For about a year now, every eve login was included because of the way I respond to posterity without having to install my phone on a hard night using troubling trouble even if I was experiencing a powerful antivirus internal memory because they Had just opened GB enough and installed the salmon for months my phone would just drag like magic ready. Now my phone is growing like an eagle. Nice job guys. Keep IT Equipment. I'm so excited. 

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