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CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient Apk

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feb 10, 2020

Special and unusual tool for Android mobile devices, desktops and users All software on the menu needs to be configured in terms of design solution at its sole discretion. Software and GUI rendering is installed and downloaded - CM Launcher 3D. Widgets, animation effects, intuitive navigation - additionally no surprise, very personal to this projection Payogi the most popular solution with a number of features.

Popularity and Studio Cheetah Mobile Inc. Behind Demand for This Product? First and foremost, of course, 3D technology offers, you can customize your desktop in an elegant and luxurious style - you can see all the elements from different angles, the program has a lot to improve. In addition, it is possible to "easily" all current foreign launchers - just "money" installation file weight, but be careful with the use of program memory and charging mobile devices.

Although CM Launcher is a neat application of 3D-fashioned wallpapers, it requires a lot of permissions. Those who don't like this app are very concerned about their privacy because they want to attack access and personal information on their privacy.

Since its launch, Chief Launcher brings 3D-themed wallpapers asking you to select a background image and then quickly check and change the interface appearance on your Android phone. Completely fix widgets and icons and give them a new look. You need to make CM Launcher permanent because of the current launcher's default launcher on the phone because it is needed.

You can change it quite easily if you are not happy with your phone wallpaper and use. You should easily choose the theme and wallpaper that you choose from the collection of 3D themes and wallpapers that this app has in store for you. You will find the themes and wallpaper icon on the phone screen. Click on the 3D themes, which indicates that the list has been broken down into different categories. You can choose from themes and wallpapers to choose from in a large library. Remember you need to download the theme and wallpaper before applying it to the phone.

CM Launcher 3D - The latest dedicated app wallpapers provide only 3D themes for you. These more useful features allow you to extend the performance of your phone and extend battery life. This app booster function allows you to free up memory on the speed of your handset, rather than increasing it. Power management and on the other hand, offer you extend its life by 30%, then batteries and offer much more outstanding. Those functions and booster options for the Cover Launcher CM navigation screen are on energy saving in the case of screens.

With CM Launcher 3D you can get:

  • More Themes 2D Icon Pack, theme live wallpaper and personal to personalize your phone surface contacts -10.000 + Free 3D. Its stylish new launcher effects to define the 3D transition.
  • Protect your privacy, lock and lock apps.
  • More efficient, faster searching, intelligent application sorting and telephone breeders to make your life and it more efficient.

CM Launcher 3D is a slender, easy and secure Android launcher!


The following is the main launcher with highlights.

Themes and Icon Pack Center:

User access available 2D and 3D themes and 10,000+ icon packs. Now optimize with the following.

  • Stylish menu
  • Wallpaper
  • Mark
  • Contact topics
  • Plus, you can customize your home screen.

3D Animation Effects:

Now the main launcher provides the user uses subsequent 3D transitions.

  • 3D Animation Engine
  • Graphic effects
  • 3D theme
  • Widgets

3D themes and wallpapers:

The main launcher offers the possibility of your default home screen using the following adaptation.

  • 3D Widgets
  • 3D themes
  • Live Wallpaper
  • Rendering topics:

You can discover new and trending topics on the CM Launcher 3D app. About the following major launches: Cost trading topics are available.

  • Hello Kitty
  • Shrek
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • The Penguins of Madagascar
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Aliens vs Aliens

DIY Theme:

Now you have your creative side to go wild and become a designer. Change your UI on your Android launcher and you have a wallpaper with an icon pack theme.

Apps security:

Now you can be sure with the main launcher on your application security. All securely hide your files and unwanted intruder lock folder application applications without side of your mobile device. Time, applications and even easier.

Phone Boost:

With a simple tap of the boost button, you can work on the maximum capacity of your phone.

Smart App Birthday Sculpture:

Users can now always cleanly restructure from its menu and manage small folders and batch applications.

Notification reminders:

Notification Memory You have the right to directly check the location of your messaging app, the messages on your screen.

Update: Cortana, Microsoft 3D Smart Digital Assistant Chief Launcher Available!

1. Voice input: Web, translation, and search for messages.

2. Our Opinion: Headlines, nearby restaurants, and day trips.

3. Connect cross-device and sync your SMS to your Windows PC 10 (version 1703 or higher).

Note: Support in some countries. Some permissions and need to be manually updated.

User Reviews

User 1: It's very nice. I have three holidays: Hallowe'en, Christmas and Yom Kippur. I want my adorable express themes and keyboard wasting spirit, cat and Christmas trees/music. 17/10/19, I like to get rid of malware projection. Unfortunately, using beautiful wallpapers, I put up with it. I can uninstall Vampire.

User 2: That's good, but it can be, but applications can Saud hide that I don't really hide an app and it still shows up on my screen when I show that just a small rectangle and then your hidden apps. Trying my apps to do whether I have that potential open or not, or I uninstall this app

User 3: That has changed. It was a very good adaptation with a fun little thing on your phone and add such a good app. But the content was free to pay for. Your $ 95 annual subscription is all IDK, but I think there's no money for the phone app. At the end of the day it's still a few funny things that allow you to adjust the right program that you have, but not to do it.


CM Launcher 3D - A modern-day wallpaper application for those who want an Android phone that is marketing a pleasant interface in terms of style and beauty. It offers a variety of 3D themes and live wallpapers that can be used to improve the look and interface experiences on their Android phones. This application may not be suitable for all contact and access to as much personal information as the call may require.