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B612 - Beauty & Filter Camera Apk

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9.7.7 per Android
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ago 04, 2020

Create an ideal situation. Lips twinkle or squeeze lips and those eyes glaze. Photo cameras waiting for you in 52 countries around the world now topping the chart.

You hate to turn out to be loved, but sometimes like them, you're in luck. People all over the world now have a smiling camera thanks to 300 million cheeks of this wonderful photo.

That flexibility and exciting feature provide a brilliant score accessing the interface, providing the B612 every time a working miracle.

More than 1500 different stickers

  • Destroy or face recognition stickers that you can turn into nice animals face
  • Refreshing glare and stylish analog filters for your day
  • You can draw different attention to a video.

The right attitude, to get real-time color effects at the same time

  • Perfect skin faucet
  • Find your perfect face shape with an easy-to-use slider

Clean filters according to your taste

  • Provide quality, food, landscapes or the perfect filter for every occasion
  • Instant access to your favorite and most used filters

Easily create high-quality music videos

  • Pair your video with exciting melodies
  • Many effects and dynamic music video playback speed

Meet the beautiful characters that come to life with an AR sticker (enhanced reality features are only available on some devices).

Enjoy playing boomerang videos on loop

Use the editing tools from your existing photos and especially the gallery

A place to see all your best moments in the making pictures

User Reviews

User 1: An awesome app, it has gotten so angry at the time when it's being delayed and doesn't recognize it too time steps, and I still have this problem. Pleaseee to solve it. After this upgrade, there are only a few filters and all the best destroying. I have the app એપ્લિકેશન I think I can't uninstall the upgrade or downgrade the application. Don't miss any updates !!

User 2: This app is great! But my concern is that just updating my favorite filter "sound "is a dark grainy, lost the other functions that I think make it ?? Previously, it no longer included light lipstick and rugs, but. I hope you do it. thank you!

User 3: I love the apps that are more, why now this app is messed up because it has been used for three years rather than that it does not filter my phone function properly before I thought otherwise this opportunity in this mess I was team. Can open the app's filters and reinstall it and the filters work well, but if I have all the functions of the programs registry shred Want that is not correct. But be it because it was the first safe application. Thank you.

Cosa c'è di nuovo

  • "Head feature" has been added! Try out the upgraded beauty effects.
  • Makeup Mode Renewed! Now you decide how much filter you want on your photo!