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lug 28, 2020

Fantastic, original Dubsmash and they know how to communicate with your friends by sending themselves dub videos.

Well, even though it is a unique video creator mostly used by young people, many adults are used to love it for the app. This app allows you to make your own television program, show or song, with mosquitoes. All you need to do is soundbar just drag the required space and launch-ready. Then, store all or personal libraries to share. You may want to sync lips or apply them to other clips. It can be dub smashes, stored and collected and shared. Original recordings can be found through the series.

A trend series, there are some topics you can choose from Humor, Love, Animals, Cartoons, Parties, Reality TV and Superheroes. Topics include Harry Potter, Star Wars, Iron Man, Batman and the audio files in the movie. Get the range, you can find out what trends to present different audio files. In addition to My Voice, you can upload your own audio files.

A feature of this application is that you can select the language settings. Therefore, the flexible tone of the audio port in your language must be valid. In terms of funny GIFs and photos of yourself, the app is really a bit. The sound of the product is easy to bite when you need to create your own recordings library, because, complete and comprehensive. However, bad and bad enough content, then this app is for the best adults.

Finally, there are some good disadvantages and before you download and use this Dubsmash consider Android. So you need to know what to give if it won't be disappointed there.

Dubsmash Properties

Music and dance

  • Go to your video on the music trend
  • Try the dance challenge, or post your dance video
  • Become a member of another part of trading or receive the challenge of dancing

Video creator

  • Go to the dance and make video for the latest trend sounds
  • Lip Sync your favorite songs and quotes
  • Captions Add your reports
  • Synchronize your profile information for other new sounds

Save part

  • Video shows and save them to your profile
  • To the point in all its states
  • See how many views your neck get in your profile
  • Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and share videos!

As a result and

  • Follow and improve your own followers Dubsmash to other users
  • Others explain what you see and you want to look back because of many users


  • Featured video is just a wonderful dub and easily found in a feed with your followers
  • Music and Trading Videos - Updated daily!
  • Watch video creators Dubsmash and follow the best

Raise your voice

Dubsmash concept is simple: take a short statement that automatically records the video appearance (App adds lip-sync, but there is no reason you stick to it or it is necessary to do so), and put it with both clicks, then you use it in your gallery for future use. You can send, or save WhatsApp or video to your friends via Facebook Messenger (only existing share optional). You can always do some optimization like the final product.

But it's just the usual song you know that video games use to have all kinds of movies, TV shows, talk show interviews, and other random sound clips. Securities taxonomy is a little unusual, but "Swag" helps create super funny videos, and "pick up lines with classes including "Girl Movie", "Action Heroes", "Hangover". Upload "" sounds to your microphone can be recorded, or over the phone, and even more interesting is the chance to add text or stickers to your compositions.

It's easy to find all the videos and sounds you've created, you can call them organized in your personal collection (soundboards).

One thing that starts when the Android version is the Countdown Timer video app that is missing is you know when you have some time to prepare. This time you were done in the correct recording and there is no way to jump.

A touch glitchy

A contract video is a simple, two-step process to make sure: the music takes video recording, and you're done. However, it is not always an easy process and can be a bit glitchy. The first time I did Dubsmash, the application doesn't make any front-facing cameras, and so don't let me record a video. Cancel the quick installation and solve the install problem, but it was not the best start for the application. And there have been occasions when that was the last video and I quit the app and start the process again.

The user interface is also very simple, this is definitely no-frills experience.

Fun innovation app

It's another video message with the unique concept of a hot trend used solely for the Dubsmash style in this market. App hilarious results can be getting points for original and innovative. However, when it comes to usability issues there are still limited efforts to share how the progress of the Iron Works looks like Messenger on WhatsApp and Facebook. What about Twitter or Viber or Line, or a variety of other messaging apps? Dubsmash also brings short-lived novelty applications rather than having longer shelf life risks.

"The total messaging Dubsmash video adds a formula fun and fresh to the new admin - but it will only tell time here to invest.

User Reviews

User 1: Well, I'm glad it's not just me! I didn't have time, but now I can't get into your account. I have to try/reset the success achieved without a password. I just tried to make a new account and a big waste of time wow. I think I'll just uninstall and launch the app.

User 2: I bought the application years ago to access it and thoroughly it felt good! ... what's up with this new version! ??? !! I have no idea what something freaking ... entitled to ask for a trial. He wrote "friend" to all of his friends ... what I have, and all this shows the voice memos ... and it all says, They get to know everyone what you hear ... if the old version was soooo .... Very easy to use and cool dub looks a lot more fun.

User 3: In fact, it's my favorite app. I founded it two years ago ......... then I stopped with this app for a while ....... again I, I could not register, but used to play first use Tried to login with the same credentials .......... password option to try to forget to send password game links ........ but have said no need for that. ..... But because of a link in the inbox so the idea ....... this is my problem ...... my question is, will you solve this problem? "

Cosa c'è di nuovo

hey dubsmashers - we have been working hard to release enhancements to help improve the app for everyone - ty for your feedback & patience!
  • record up to 60s in length!
  • pinned posts: have a fav post? pin it to the top of your profile, just select the option on your post!
  • mentions in stickers: now u can tag a friend or hashtag in a text sticker, which lets others tap through on your post to see more.