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mar 29, 2020

Real Cricket 19 offers the best, complete and best cricket gaming experience on Android devices. The game of cricket emerges as the best and most complete cricket game ever hit the Android platform. It's a critic of more than half a million games, which reviews the game's popularity about Shows.

This app Nautilus mobile game developers constantly improve and improve gameplay with regular updates. The Nautilus 19 look seems to have tried a lot like real cricket, and the game feels like a live TV broadcast. Literally flying is like a stadium camera with an aerial view of each game service. The appearance of the action is pretty much like any TV show Ripley's caught and even the so-called experts where their views and game shows are provided on the Middle East.

Good graphics and graphics on the game of cricket, but still other than the average party. Some elements, like the stadium ones for a cardboard cutout. But why developers can't watch a show before the hosts continue to add more general commentary? Experts Observations as show 19 is not to add real cricket, not the name of the player.

Real-time multiplayer!

  • Rank - Compete with your team and others (customized jerseys with logos and bat stickers).
  • Unranked - Choose international, compete with Masters or Premier League teams and others.
  • Play with your friends - Create a space and can invite your friends to a match up.

Campaign Status

Choose an attack against your team and every test playing team.

The Newest Gameplay Ever!

Feel for the first time the difference between their style of play with different types of batting and batting - defensive, balanced, making it one of the best games in the entire cricketing world with its many cricketing and brutal, unique cricket shots and aggressiveness.

Choose your favorite time of day!

Choose frequently on different days such as game progress, in the morning, afternoon, evening, evening and night time and between experiences.

UltraEdge - SNICKOMETER and Hotspot

Referee Edge and LBW UltraEdge review system that complements improved techniques as well as rating the tourist hotspot Snickometer.

Rain and the Duckworth-Lewis method

The weather is unpredictable and it will not rain. As is the case in the most trusted cricket game on business. Now adding uncertainty through the rain reduces the outcome of the game and the Duckworth-Lewis method presented during the game

Official Stadium

Most authentic live stage experience in Mumbai, Pune, including Cape Town, Melbourne, London, Dubai, Wellington and Kolkata. There are various guarantees with a unique feeling experience stadium.

The all-new Pro CAM

With bat eyes and the thrill of racing and 90 miles per hour, you can feel the ball. The crucial moments of form and nerve showed themselves on the bat!


Real Cricket ™ 19 World Cups, Asia Cup, Champions Cup Indian Premier League under Indian Premier League, Pakistan Super League, Bangladesh Premier League, Big Bash 19 World Cup and Premier League Cricket and 16 Caribbean World Cup Champions, including Caribbean Premier League.

Indian Premier League Players - Auction

Only your dream XI structure and the famous cup cricket game in the mobile world in Premier League history allows users to participate in the competition IPL auction!


Cricket Life game is also available for light with real Rosaem 19 r Real Cricket 19 with true and the longest and most pure form of Rosaen Ball in Test Cricket gameplay with new comments and field setup options with real experience of playing Test Cricket.

Cricket simulation at its best

Go get stuck and loosen up through loops in tough moments. No hitting a six in a piece of cake.

Unique rider face and jerseys

Go back to see the unique player faces with numbers on the jersey!

DRS and third referee

Square and authentic decision review systems are now the best. Also, you can find a third arbitration transfer for run and stomping.


Generally, no one likes bowling in the game of mobile cricket, but Real Cricket 19 makes it a little less boring thanks to its technology. It has just the normal operation of the bowlers, each type of actions went with a variety of good launchers. The delivery of the game is different. For example, Snyder had strollers, and each fin and animation was quite realistic. You will be interested in bowling format as well as games.

Not only that you can customize and bowl accordingly. Not for easy wickets, but it is also possible to show flaws and reduce the power flow batsman.

Game, during all that other cricket game. We give it 10 points 10 for this game. 

Cosa c'è di nuovo

  • Sophia Gardens - Downloadable Stadium
  • Login Issues fixed
  • Crash and Bug Fixes
  • Improved Stability