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Popcorn Time is one of the oldest and most powerful applications for the Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. Used for viewing movies, TV series, media content for free as documentation, etc. Popcorn

It is commonly used by film lovers because of its simplicity and speed. Popcorn Time offers edge movies and TV shows from sources. And the speed of such resources is high.

BitTorrent software is free to enjoy on multiple platforms for popcorn movies and other video streams. It is a list of sites that create multiple torrent sites and movies for each that can offer all genres.

Aside from the Android and iOS platforms, popcorn is also available for the Windows operating system. If you want to watch movies on the windows version of your laptop or desktop, just download Popcorn Time

Today we will discuss in detail how popcorn time is based on Android smartphones like popcorn, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, Firestick / Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, etc.

How does it work?

Well, there are three easy steps to follow.

  • Open - Install the Popcorn Time app on your device. Then take a movie or episode.
  • Adds Selected - Add your chosen language after this step select now video quality and subtitles.
  • Play - Now you have the ready application time to enjoy playing videos on popcorn and then on. It's very easy!

Popcorn Time APK Properties?

Each app has its own features so the Popcorn Time app! It's not a feature of the app that users can choose whether to kill it or not. If the application has been prepared, it has very special features. In this way, the way was only to make comfortable and. Here are some features of popcorn time

  • Popcorn Time UI is organized by smooth and trendy classes such as People's Theater, etc.
  • Popcorn Time, you can filter the media content according to your desired species.
  • It's also an offline, that is, equipped to download a movie or TV show for you to watch offline.
  • With popcorn time optimization as well as font size, positioning, delay, etc. Subtitles offered in more than 255 languages ​​worldwide
  • Popcorn Time is free and always will be. There is no subscription clock movies or TV shows
  • Throw in a cast chromium, DLNA and even popcorn on video airplay.
  • The application can be found in more than 44 languages ​​(because you can, so it can't be received by many people).
  • Different languages ​​are complex since there is a speech one can watch in French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc. Movies
  • Support Popcorn provides this quality of video, available on many websites at the time, such as AndroidPlanet, IBT BGR, Digital Trends, TuTecnoMundo, Korben, TecMUNDO, Xataka, Nuknl, PCM, etc.
  • It's part of appreciating the user-friendly nature of everyone and knows the ease and ease of use.
  • The film is found in various languages ​​called popcorn times.
  • Also called Arabic, Dutch, Estonian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Hebrew, Greek, Movies

Great movies

We are constantly searching the web for the best torrents of major sites.

No restrictions

How often do you see any movie you want? All you need is a proper internet connection to get started.

Awesome list

In the movie, you will find the best version of popcorn time possible and begin streaming immediately.

Good quality

Check out the movie instantly in HD and with subtitles. And then look at it.

Recent updates

Now you can drag players and invite them to subtitle (.srt files) fall. Now this means that we can pull and put the outer edge and stream popcorn time on the outer subtitle. 

Cosa c'è di nuovo

  • Bug fixes and reliability improvements.