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lug 25, 2020

With the Santander Brasil App, you can always access your account anywhere! Testing our app's key features, this:

  • Touch ID * to access your account
  • Balance and statement inquiries
  • Enter to pay a barcode with the camera on your phone bill or with no PDF content
  • Transfer (DOC / TED)
  • Query and email and share coupons via WhatsApp
  • Inquire and pay your credit card information
  • Phone Recharge To recharge with the suggested option
  • Deposit
  • Investment advisor, application and redemption
  • View the query and insurance details

Financial control at Santander, so you better understand your financial situation on loan, your social security number, cost, income, customs, and income and make the best decision.

Along the way, you have to keep in mind all the details of your Santander card and their usage in real-time. Way: greater autonomy and security in their daily lives.

To manage your card:

  • Unlock and activate your card, both holder and more.
  • See box bonus balance and details.
  • Border management on cards and add-ons.
  • Activate your card for use abroad on this continent.
  • See your last purchase in real-time.
  • Buy more details if you buy online, and spend more money on debit as a credit or business class.
  • Review Summary on the Map screen.
  • Request additional card
  • Check (especially to reward cards) and redeem rewards.

To manage your invoices at any time:

  • Your last statement chart.
  • Close, Due to Delay: Learn about your bill.
  • Register your invoice by e-mail.
  • Install your bills.
  • Ask for a double bill via e-mail.
  • (Account holders only) Automatically enter debiting account.
  • Copy Invoice Barcode Payment

Safe and purchased transactions:

  • Create your virtual card for online purchase and payment.
  • Run their temporary map virtual store's physical and / or barrier purchases.
  • When lost or a calling card and new lock were stolen.
  • See Card password and Security Key.

And pay easy:

1. Pay card bills (account holders only).

2. Invoices (typically) for pay bills and account holders.

Along the way, you can follow all the details of your Santander card leaves in real-time and full management of their usage. Way: more autonomy and day to day safety.

To manage your card:

  • Unlock and activate their card, both holder and more.
  • Check the balance and the bonus ball.
  • Follow your card and additional border management.
  • Use your card in the overseas room to activate.
  • Buy your past, you can see in real-time.
  • Your purchase details, class was spent on establishment credit or debt, among other things, went shopping online.
  • Check the card status on the summary screen.
  • An extra card.
  • Rewards and rescues (see unique) are reward cards.

To manage your invoices at any time:

  • See the final bill table.
  • Lock, frost, and possible delays: Receive instructions on your phone bill.
  • Register your invoice by e-mail.
  • Your Invoice Package
  • Ask for another copy of the invoice by e-mail.
  • (Unique Owner Account) Debit Registration Account.
  • Barcode a copy to pay the bills.

To purchase a safe and practical operation:

  • Create your virtual card for online purchase and payment.
  • Physically and / or block their temporary card for virtual store purchases.
  • Lock the card in case of loss or theft and a new request.
  • Check the password and security card key.

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