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ago 06, 2020

Samsung Gallery is With you showing photos and videos of this great app, enjoy the best smartphone in the world, enjoy and enjoy your photos and videos on the go. And active cloud sync, so Samsung Gallery installed. Regular update the latest new gallery experience on which every device supported you can see Galaxy devices are sure to install Samsung Gallery Now you can reasonably enjoy your photos and videos! ※ What features are available may vary by country and device.

Of course, there are reasons why this app may be the best when it comes to viewing picture video. It has to offer more than just because you want to see various other brand galleries. Let's create a new way of saying this is for viewing apps, images and videos. It promised to use a nice-looking separate gallery design. It is also well organized by classes if you want to give quick access to any file. You don't always find it somewhere like this gallery. So, don't forget the opportunity to use it.

Android Samsung understands there is no need to save the gallery for both stills and video. Just because you save them on the device, does not mean absolutely nothing that they can do any kind of damage.

That's why we need adequate protection. Fortunately, Samsung Electronics is thought to feature applications with improved security. With its protection, all video images and devices ready to use are completely safe. You can really trust the developer.

Some features are not available, depending on the country and device.

  • The following permissions are required for the application service.
  • Optional permissions, but not allowed, on the normal operation of the service.


- Storage: Save, load, edit, delete and images for the used video.

[Optional permissions]

- Phone: Detection device-specific identification information used on the Samsung cloud.

- Contact: When people are used to add name tags to get contact information.

- Location: Location of useful information for processing information about the current location.

User Reviews

User 1: The application is simple and what it says on the tin. Unfortunately, this album, I got the opportunity to sort the right tab. All today regardless of what they write with alphabet but for the last month or so otherwise go down the album list. It's frustrating when I have a large number of albums, all at the bottom of their new album appears. For this, the menu should be of a kind alternative.

User 2: I'll move images from another album if I have to touch something and change my layout. In front of this, the exhibit shows all the album photos in one column on the left side of the album, while still showing another album. It doesn't display all the albums on the screen anymore, and if I choose one, it fills photos from one album, but the whole screen with other albums. Help! "- Did anyone tell me "something?

User 3: I like everything but slow-motion video cropping. They may trim the video at the MO very low, but now take a video of at least 1/8 of the mo (the mo part) of it, for example, when there is no difference in length when it trims to 8min video and 20 seconds, I Really you can't. Instead, it's less than 1 minute and almost all of Mo, so it's not difficult, as something can be because you can watch an 8-minute sequence change video The Mo, fast parts and whatnot. 10.9 points 

Cosa c'è di nuovo

  • Fixed the bug that made the "Hide or unhide albums" option disappear from the menu in Secure Folder.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented content from being able to move to Private mode.