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set 19, 2019

The best friend is a puzzle game in which you bring them together to make a panel of matching pieces disappear. To do this, just place your finger on exploring one piece and then touching each other more than new pieces.

This is an adventure with simple gameplay, wherein the fight against snails, a group of evil do the best hobbies on the right insects. If you meet different parts of the same type, you will attack their own friends to meet bugs, and the pieces are all the same color, attack and even more powerful.

Best Fiends - Puzzle Adventure is a game designed to give the best mobile gaming experience. It is played all over the world and more than 70 million users, so expect you to try this game for hours!

Best Free To Play Best Fiends - Puzzle Adventure allows you to have many minutiae world beautiful characters and your mission is to collect as much as possible of who you are entering. Levels, at 1400 levels, have to defeat each of the slugs with its own level of difficulty and challenges.

The story is quite simple. Minutiae creatures live in peace for years, leading to the meteorite to break Mount Doom and feces, the evil thugs who capture the Best Fiends family. Now it is up to you to defeat their families, free the evil and defeat the crazy fun adventure!


  • Fiendish puzzle Casual puzzle gameplay looks easy to play, but difficult to master within the game.
  • Collect and build a team for yourself. Find the best Fiends their strengths at the team level.
  • The line-matching puzzle game is now come up with RPG character development.
  • Now, when you open the game, play with daily events to get something new every time, and.
  • Now challenge and compete against their Facebook friends, and win exciting bulk prices.
  • You're immersed with its brilliant graphics and finger play catchy music cassette.
  • Bets Some video hobbyists during the game.
  • At the very beginning of the game offers more levels, characters, gameplay, and a few surprises.


  • It's a fun game and an addictive one, it's stuck at more than 50 levels. But the top button doesn't seem to work in this case.
  • The mission made it almost impossible to win coin makers.


      Now the path through the minutiae snuggles the world slugs and sliming everything they refine!

      But a brave group of heroes struggled back! Winning slugs alone include minutiae leaving the slug champion to solve the mystery of mounting champions and answering an epic quest to advance on the slug.

      In order to mount the boom, they will need to become ... Best Friends!

      Small creatures crashed to bring peace to the meteorite mount, while peace and harmony remained, a strange force that included slugs that transformed into greedy, Hriyali-gobbling pests in the army living there.

      User Reviews

      User 1: Play hobbyists at any level. Each monster can use many functions; Game skills were recommended, but you can choose if you want. As you progress the game, you get to use your fiend's new skills. You also need to collect items to update your fiends. How to get to a higher level, (400) in the plane is very difficult to beat. 10 TAKING TAKES 20 Sometimes you just need one or two more moves. And that happens quickly if you should use real money to buy help. Fun at the highest level.

      User 2: Extremely addictive !! Very fun game. Each level is different, and there are always a few extra prizes going on. The only thing that needs fixation. If you have 2 hours of free energy, for example, receive a reward, you get to be able to be used when you choose. Now you know it, where it should be used immediately. When you win the prize, and because you can not use life there it is frustrating. Please, well !!

      User 3: This is the best game I have ever seen playing on a cell phone. You can literally play for hours. The game will help you when you open up life at the end of things including a bird or carton. I love events, just playing and characters. I play every day at a 50/50 chance of bus service, and I can usually visit me by playing a full 2 ​​hours. It's really a lifesaver. I just pity every day without them. Because I just don't play drugs all the time. It is the best game. 

      Cosa c'è di nuovo

      • Complete all 13 Episodes and find out who will make up the Fiendish three musketeers!
      • Collect Pretzels across 30 challenges and the super cute Pretzel Snap will join your team!
      • Welcome the straight-talking weevil, Eleanor, and her powerful plus-shaped bomb!
      • See Lapoleon foil the Slugs’ schemes in the all-new Best Fiends animation!