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Snapchat is a fast way to send photos and video chats for travel. Self-destruction of photos and videos means that your friends can not reshare their own photos you shared via Snapchat. Enjoy Fast and Fun Mobile Entertainment!

Snap a photo or video, add a caption and send it to a friend. You see it, laugh and then the screen goes off in a moment. You can also share your story on Instagram with a single tap because your story adds to your day with all your friends. Life is more fun if you live in the moment.

Snapchat, a program that allows you to connect with your friends and their interactive family thanks to the multimedia messaging system's share of your favorite live events or video message form they automatically become without scars after a few minutes.

Simply put, you can pick a snapshot label or message, and add, how far, you want to select the images you want your friends to show. Exactly.

Accordingly, in order for a person to get your wish, they will need and install the programs. At any time as a measure of added security, you should send a picture and take a screenshot; You will be informed to know what pictures you have made.

Dirty Pictures that Sending can be easily deleted: At It's Time, Snapchat was just a tool for an end. Short video message: Thank God, now the popular messaging platform was designed to show what such a key component provides for the future of social media.

Using Snapchat friends and masks, stickers and changing filters is an easy way to get in touch on AR-face-constantly shared information about live events.

Share time with friends and family in the most fun Snapchat hat

The right camera opens Snapchat, you can send instant in seconds! Just add a photo or video captions and send it to your best friends and family. There are filters, lenses, Bitmojis and all kinds of fun effects.


• A proper camera opens Snapchat. Take a photo or press and tap Keep video.

• Add your photos to a lens or filter - new ones are added every day! Way dancing and playing with 3D Bitmoji you can play face to put.

• Upload photos and videos of your own filters - or try our lenses made in our community!


• Keep in touch with friends and share live news or chat with group stories.

• Video chat with up to 16 friends at once. You can also use filters and lenses!

• Express Yourself with Friendmojis - Made exclusively Bitmojis for you and your friend.

Find out

• Follow their stories to friends and show that you watch your day.

• Keep up with exclusive stories from top publishers and creators.

• Clock news updates, original shows, and community stories - just for your phone.


• See how your friends are sharing their location with you as they spend time.

• Get out of the grid with your location, or ghost mode with your best friends.

• Get live stories from the community or around the world! 


• Back in photos saved you with free cloud storage.

• Edit and send old content to friends or save them to your Camera Roll.

• Create stories to share with friends and family about their favorite memories.

Friendship PROFILE

• All friendships have to look for their own profile moments, get together.

• New things you have in common with attraction. See how far you've made such friends, your astrological relevance, Bitmojis fashion sense and more!

• Friendship Profile Only loans can make your friends, what you include especially your friendships.

Registration and snare in their first instant

After you download and install Snapchat, you first need to have an account with making you start a valid e-mail address. No Facebook or Google login option. Exchanging Articles Your Snapchat app is not necessarily a "friend" to your friends. In fact, you get "pictures" through if you are a friend or a stranger to the Snapchat search engine. As I said, many users only fit their privacy settings to have friends grab, you can't expect it to be unfamiliar to you in a hurry.


Once you have the app, in which you are exposed to open the camera screen you can main or take a picture or video of your taking camera. Below the screen, there are two icons, a simple square, and a tab of friends.

If you sent a list to your contacts that you snore, or just type in just a class activity feed with you've seen a picture. In the older version of the app, you can easily double your name to answer its image. Well, at the same time, the tap swipes his name and left. Therefore, only one page opens with all current activities between you and that person. It is a little longer used in application, I found this new design disappointing at first and it lasted for a few weeks as well.

This is the activity page, where you can use the new features of Snapchat chat text. Now you can send an instant text message to your Snapchat friends, and when they don't disappear immediately after your friend reads it. They disappear as soon as you left the conversation or closed the application. In my tests, the call can be misleading. If you leave the app, a message disappears on the Boyfriend Activity page.

You can always enjoy using your filters to add your filters and video activities to take your global image. But still, need to establish and see for themselves.

You can help more information you want to know more about Snapchat Snapchat. Download the APK and install it by opening your favorite file manager and tap the file name. Snapchat apps are like Facebook, Facebook Lite and Instagram. 

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