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Sleep as Android is an intelligent sleep monitoring and alarm program. It is developed by Urbandroid which is available in the Play Store and App Store for $ 4.99. Generally, gold charts and sleep forms such as smart bracelet or need smartwatch. A special device will be able to upgrade. With sleep than Android, you can do it without any device support.

How Does Sleep as Android APK Work?

Sleep as an Android is an intelligent alarm. When sleeping, people often experience light sleep, deep sleep or REM sleep because of the sleep phase. As a general alarm, you will wake up at certain times. When the alarm wakes you up to make you sleep deep, you feel uncomfortable and tired, you have to work indirectly and inefficiently. In contrast, Android users sleep on the monitor sleep and wake up at a reasonable hour.

The application uses the Sleep Actigraphy method to monitor user sleep. Smartphone motion sensors are now very sensitive and the app uses it to monitor sleep activities. Physical movements are together in the sleep phase. More sleep comes from your body more and more. This means that your sleep will be easier. The benefits of this application are simple and do not require additional support tools. You just put your phone in bed, make sure you go to sleep.

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Sleep as Android APK Features:

  • Sleep cycle intelligent tracking programs for sensors following on his cell phone or worn (2-week trial)
  • Sonar: Revolutionary Contact Voice Sleep Tracking (No Need To Call The Bed)
  • Supported Portable Tracking Pebble OS, Galaxy Gear, Garmin, MI Tape Wear
  • Health Services: Google Fit, S Health Integration
  • Philips smart bulbs control over other people's color or IFTTT
  • Sleep score: lack of sleep, deep sleep% snoring is quality of life, efficiency is irregularity
  • Soft-sounding alarms (birds, seas, storms ...) and playlists
  • Nature sounds palpable (whales, storms, sea, sits ..) fall asleep with a bipartite-audible tone for fast
  • Spotify and compile or play music online on the clock radio or lorry
  • Never again slept with a captcha recognition (math, count sheep, phone shake, bathroom QR code or NFC tag)
  • Recognize sleep talk recording, snoring, and anti-snoring
  • Jet lag prevention
  • Sleep Breath Tracking (Oximetry Sonar or Sleep Phaser)
  • Other features are waiting for you to explore!

How to use Sleep as Android Unlock?

At first, the right seemed complicated. If you are a new user, we do not know precisely what to do. Don't worry about that! You can only follow the steps below in the application default settings as follows:

Set an alarm: Set the symbol and time you wake up. For example, at 8 p.m.

If you touch the right side of the moon symbol and start the sleep track. Analyze the app on your phone to touch the leaves and identify the steps in his sleep.

Do not affect your sleep network connection and radio to make it worse.