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How to weather: The Weather Channel with all weather conditions, this fall at IBM Company. Check out live radar updates and local weather conditions on accurate maps from your smartphone or tablet. Get ready with your weather map and deal with local weather forecasts. Continue to

Live weather radar, local temperature, and air quality index - assuming you are! Get your daily local weather map and allergy alerts, so you can have the day ready with confidence. Bad weather or an area of ​​pollution? Our Weather Tracker and Air Quality Index are right for you. The Weather Channel is helping give a precise weather forecast what you plan for the first 15 days.

Weather conditions do not get mild, but a seasonal allergy or severe weather, you can still surprise you! Follow your local weather maps and weather radar to stay and prepare for the day ahead or on the light day, ensuring the risk of allergies, whether or storms take the first cold.

Fast and intuitive weather forecast:

Download Small: A huge weather wasting space on your smartphone with the app - it's only downloaded for 4MB applications!

Improved performance: Weather information before you quickly get elsewhere. The Weather Channel for Android app is optimized for performance.

Developing an Android device interface with beautiful design quickly and easy to navigate the app.

Intuitively forecast the next 1-hour weather forecast chart for new and better weather graphs over the next 15 days.

The weather is everywhere but

• Weather Map: A fast-loading radar map allows you to view any rainfall in the region, including early rainfall, sleet, and snow.

• Current conditions: Check "temperature, heat index, humidity, wind speed as well as sound," and more.

• Forecast: Hourly, daily, weekly, 10 day and 15 day weather forecasts.

Track and read detailed weather information from around the world in many places.

Follow Me and Favorite Places, C Notifications Go in the Android Status Bar.

Now, offline access and control information settings

Optional offline access: no internet access? any problem! The app has now been updated for up to 24 hours giving the last optional offline access.

Control Data Settings: Optimize applications based on your data usage needs. Select Weather updates overall connections to get WiFi only, or you can just use the app to refresh yourself.

Stay safe with weather warnings

See weather home screen: All-weather alerts at a glance, go straight to the home screen!

Stay safe with real-time alarm alerts with severe weather warnings and rain, wind, lightning, hail, floods, heat and heavy storms, including tropical storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Weather Changing: If you receive minutes of weather information, alerts, and alarms, you can be up to anywhere if visiting during the visit.

mesh network alarm: the first platform in the world regions to provide weather alerts with limited internet or cell connections. Stay safe with emergency weather alerts, even if you're offline.

Android optimized weather widget

  • New and exciting widgets, the 4x1 and 4X2 palm are available for all your important weather information, always needing to be connected to the network without the increased application size.
  • Now with a weather clock, so you can track the weather and on the same widget !!

Access all information about local and travel time and temperature.

  • Your Smart Home Screen: All the Weather Information You Care About One Place!
  • See the forecast for the next 96 hours and plan your day without the inconvenience of ads for only $ 0.99.

Alerts are required for the planning of all information and fulfillment. About wind speed and live cards, live news means you are always ready.

The Weather Channel is for you to download directly and get all-weather alerts or big ones. Completely brave storm prepared - it couldn't be easier!

If the installation does not start automatically, you will need to enable an unknown source on your Android settings. - Weather and Wind Forecast, Weather Network Windfinder Forecast Weather Channel Application: The Weather Channel App, Weather like AccuWeather, The Weather Channel, Yahoo, Weather Underground. If you want to write a review, set this application and rate it on our website. Download as fast as our speed and all available versions 29 free The Weather Channel difficult to provide direct links.

User Reviews

User 1: Almost everything in this app. But asked in widget problem. The location hasn't changed automatically. I'm always fresh, but it doesn't work. But the phone service is all. I go to update it and then I have to remove the widget and bring back a new widget app I want to change the widget.

User 2: Inaccurate (India, 713103) Inaccurate current weather information (partly cloudy show when it was raining cats and dogs outside), satellite, false, and almost embarrassing forecast maps! It's not even a star! In a word ... useless. Uninstall!

User 3: The app is nice, but how often Google provides bad weather. Rain outside this late, it just blurred the status quo. I will definitely determine 5 stars if this problem is resolved. 

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We’re constantly working to improve your app experience. In this release:
  • We are releasing a new “Incidents Map" of coronavirus (COVID-19) data available. That map will track reported cases of the virus and other metrics locally, down to the county level in the United States. We'll also offer news and information to help you stay informed.