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Basketball General Description:

Manage your team for the championship!

Draft or create a free agent contract and deal with their team competition in a 30-team league. How coaching duties in addition to management duties take control of the rotation rate.

The purpose of the game is taken for basketball management simulator play was supposed to be fun, but only for a few minutes at a time or hours for mobile devices. The settings can start just enough so that you simulate the entire season in seconds, including off-season, or work in less than a minute as you carefully manage the progress of their teams.

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  • Compare your scores with leaderboards.
  • Live game simulation.
  • Check that your system is live.
  • Create the best starting sequence and the most effective.
  • Follow the player stats and score in the box during the game.
  • Before each assignment game is each player.
  • His suggestions, two on the court, and persistence management.
  • Call play with their best players
  • Enjoy a realistic transfer system.
  • Choose specific daily training before each game.
  • Share your thoughts with assignment managers.
  • Have this team with a desire for your services.
  • Five Business Timeline Strategic Decisions Challenges and Complexity!
  • Passion All Head Coaches Live The Player Injuries, Available ...
  • Achievements and more! 

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