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Trivia Crack is the biggest online sequel to any of the quiz games on all tonnes of smartphones and various game modes in question and comes back with exciting characters and better viewing. In fact, it comes with more and more content.

The gameplay is simple: you can answer questions via the Internet during your turn sending more accurate answers than competing for help. Plus, you get to play personal challenges in online duels as well.

Love game with friends? Challenge your friends and family fun trivia questions! Prove that you are not clever just by answering the Trivia questions that suggest this quiz app, but multiple-choice questions.

Show you how to find the best common sense in the world with the application of smart new fun in the world and how interesting facts apply. Become the best game quiz star!

  • List of exciting characters in six different categories to test their knowledge. Willie rotates the wheel and decides where the future of your quiz question game will begin.
  • Can't find the road common sense travel enough? All their world-class geography knowledge tips have to share common sense in your Roadtrip. Country you can guess, a town called Batman?
  • Albert goes guy when it comes to science. If you love good questions common sense, it can affect math quizzes, chemistry, physics, and even art!
  • Hector's Through the Ages will defend in his honor. Make your opponents in the duel a place in history.
  • MVP's Trivia Game Content? Bonzo game you can keep in shape for next season with common sense!
  • Can you tell the difference between Van Gogh and Monet? Tina to test your knowledge of art.
  • Warning of continuous deterioration! Pop will keep you up to date with a couple of funny entertainment trivia related questions. Prove TV shows about video games, movies, and music on their knowledge of the latest pop quiz.

Any interesting facts? Show other users what you answer with common sense questions.

Are you bilingual? Proven to translate your linguistic skills and create more in-depth content through their language.

Less Common Challenge Question Common sense and questions? You're the boss! Fixed and ratings game improved, those questions raised by other users.

New to the game?

  • To spin the wheel, we have made a quiz of six classes. Answer correctly, so don't miss your turn!
  • Print Wheel Answer On the landing crown cut or actually get three questions gives the crown trail.
  • Challenge the dual answer for the proper installation of your opponents Try to win three questions depriving one of its characters! To win the game must be six characters long!

Other features!

  • Answer play single-player mode without interrupting questions and beat your high score. No change, no wait, enjoy common sense of the day at your own pace!
  • Win our biggest prize with the mission ever!
  • Go on a treasure hunt! Great progress and responsiveness we collect via price map via nick!

- Answer correctly three questions or request cards in your album Collect your opponent.

- Get the crown; Crown Answer Volume Wheel Sleep or OK three questions.

- To play Trivia in real-time with your opponents in a hurry. Competition every week!

- You can play them alone and answer questions without interruption.

- Win with our Biggest Reward Mission!

- Answer daily questions and win great prizes.

Great Social Extras:

  • Check out your ranking quiz game and a more accurate answer than your friends, whether or not the house is the real family trivia head! Trivia with big quizzes for adults and fun question jumps for kids, fun questions for young and old!
  • Share your progress through social networks.
  • Chat with friends, family or random opponents. 

Cosa c'è di nuovo

  • User interface improvements
  • Bug fixes

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