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Windfinder - Weather and wind forecasts are developed under a free app, the wind page Weather category. So far, the application (Google Play app market data), compared to more than a million downloads. Even though this app is not for you if you have a smartphone or tablet, or just that experience on the computer big screen has been issued for Android devices, see our article below you can travel. As for your computer (PC Windows and Mac) to predict the weather and wind - Windfinder presented below will install the product AppChoPC.com. The method that we used to use BlueStacks emulator leading operating system, Android. All you need is a computer with Windows or Mac.


  • 40,000 wind forecasts and detailed weather forecasts for multiple locations
  • Wind measurements and weather measurements from 20,000 weather stations displayed in real-time
  • Tide forecast to recruit more than 8,000 locations worldwide
  • Monitor courses and nearby places to save their holiday season - Organize Favorites
  • knots, Beaufort, km / h, m / s and miles of Measurement
  • Parameter Display: wind strength and direction of the gusts, air temperature and the temperature, clouds, precipitation, air pressure, relative humidity, wave height, wave direction and waves, such as  period seems
  • optimized for maximum performance measurement can be read from any mobile device, and to anticipate its movement
  • Data access restrictions and are ideal - Optimize enables faster loading speed for data transfer
  • Geographical maps and satellite images, weather conditions and a quick overview navigational aid used (weather routing)

For highly qualified:

  • kitesurfers and windsurfers - the next storm or wind conditions or planning your next vacation or on the right next to
  • sailors - to make sure to avoid bad weather on planning your next sailing trip or safe sea
  • Kayak allows sailors and regatta races - careful preparation for the upcoming Regatta
  • surfers and wave riders find - right recognizable and high waves
  • Fisher - to help ensure a good grip
  • Right from the outset to find a nice breeze - Gliders
  • cyclists - there are tailwinds in the circumstances?
  • Always keep a view of the boat owners or captains - Current weather conditions and tides
  • and what should be the accurate weather forecasts!

Step 1: Download and install BlueStacks

Download the latest version here supports this website so that the Vietnamese easily download the BlueStacks installation file. The download process may take some time.

After downloading, simply click on the downloaded file to begin the installation process. Installation The interface is very simple, the installation will be carried out quickly. If you have any problem, you can refer to the FAQ section of the solution BlueStacks, or you can just leave a comment below, we will help you.

Step 2: Download the installation file Windfinder - Weather for Windows PCs and wind forecasts

The installation file extension APK. APK English word Android application package is translated as the installation program (approximately, Android operating system.) You can download the apk file from our website.

Note: If you are expecting can download the latest version and earlier versions of the Windfinder free AppChoPC.com weather on apk.

Step 3: With the installation of wind forecasts Windfinder - Weather, and BlueStacks

Windfinder APK file - Weather and wind forecast download BlueStacks can be installed in one of the following methods:

  • Double-click the APK file, it's an easy and fast way.
  • Open with the APK file with the right mouse button, then select BlueStacks.
  • Drag the APK file of the application screen of BlueStacks

Setting process Windfinder - quickly predict weather and wind. Weather and wind forecast BlueStacks icon on the home screen - Once the installation is complete, you will see the wind page. Windows PC and wind forecast - Start Windfinder click on this icon.

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