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If they are on technology news websites, then you will hear" "yo" "over. Released in early May 2014, yo is already talking about what fashion and apps save apps in the market. There was yo release and what. There are more than 70 news articles about it. Although enough similar line describes the application. It's just yo 'pretty easy to say!

Chat Lounge Without using expensive data plans or Internet-yo-powered fast HyperNet technology, you can interact anywhere. Parts and new programs, photos, videos, music discoveries and files offline with close friends and family.

Application highlights:

  • Transfer of light speed: way faster than Bluetooth or the Internet. Please send a file of any size without restriction.
  • Join Everywhere: You can create a group or join HyperNet (in school, there are endless, just possibilities). If you're all yo, that's what you need! Nearby users.
  • No Problem Transfer - All content is archived to transfer your new content directly to your friends!
  • Save Money: Some are also sent without cost-sharing mobile data or Internet HyperNet $$.
  • Chat and meet new people around you and send text, voice and audio messages to people in conversation.

If you work in one place, get ready, and you can relax and watch the crowd on the rest, Hello Yo to see the various interesting and exciting sounds that help you forget all your worries;

If you have problems with life and you're seeking a place to express your opinion, hi yo they say cronies physically and mentally to see a group heat;

Function Description

  • Do not freely create chat room groups to communicate and have fun with each other
  • In the game form a premade team, beautiful girls will always be here with you
  • Karaoke, games, truth or game, blind date dare, joint meeting friends, can be a fun way to have a room.
  • Enter the room to find it / around and close it.
  • Magical and funny emoji bring your chat more fun.
  • oom-minimalist design, you can create and enjoy and more tasks at the same time
  • Send each other gifts and it struck your mind to talk to friends away

What is "YO"

According to its authors, Yo is the most efficient and simplest means of communication in the world.

Yo is a null character communication device.

Yo-yo is everything and everyone's receiver and time, it all depends on you.

The easiest and most efficient means of communication in the world.

  • Wana says "Good morning"? Just yo
  • Wanna say "Baby, I think about you"? - Yo.
  • "I have finished my office of his meeting," - Yo.
  • "Are you up?" - Yo.
  • The possibilities are endless.

The app opened your tap, that's it.

It's easy. Yo.

On the one hand, you want to communicate with your friends and family at any time and you may get interested.

Yo Index - As you can see subscribe to What is Yo for the services offered by the various sites and services provided. What interests you and subscribe to information about it. When they look forward to a star, tap the display system.

Is it worth a try?

We think it's dead. When it was released in 2014, Yo exploded, but we see the user almost zero interest, four years later in 2018, but we ask on trying our web site.