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ago 10, 2020

YouCam Perfect  is the perfect photo editor and photo beauty camera. You can add creative frames to your moments with effects and filters or edit photos with instant photo pictures and YouCam Perfect. Get right and remove the wrinkles with spot and decorate because just a tap soft!

YouCam Perfect Core Functions

  • Customize real-face camera and video photo and skin spinning effects
  • Edit the complete picture editing tool kit pictures
  • Stylize and share pictures with friends!
  • Get sweet or selfie in every photo or flawless and glowing face
  • Cutouts and object spacing make it all you!

Edit with full editing toolkit photo

  • Make-up images with an all-in-one creativity suite including Facial Editor, graceful and photo editing tools
  • Try Effect and Touch Filter, Image Cropping and Rotate, Mosaic Pixelated Background, Vignette Blur, and HDR.
  • Blurred images with background blur, Gaussian blur, and various opacity effects tools

Impress beauty-camera and video effects in real-time skin beautification

Real-time spinning effects and filters

  • Bring a short video Bring it to life
  • Provide video and video with cool filters for Bell Video Update.

Stylize and share pictures with friends!

Collage, grid, and frame

  • Put a photo of your photo in a fun scene, grid, collage or a template!
  • Collage and Background "Smart Collage recognizes your photo face on the right placement. "
  • Magic brush sizes and colors are also called stickers for pictures with an explosion of taps!
  • Facebook, Instagram and share your favorite social network

Simple steps on each image flawless and bright face

Facial and body processing

  • Face Reshaper shapes big face without plastic surgery.
  • Skin smoother makes dry skin, wrinkles, acne, and fine lines all disappear.
  • Bring your face from the form, its true beauty.
  • Red-hot and clear face extracted, but without makeup. Also, microblading add happy freckles and full eyebrows.
  • Eye bags will reduce distances to dark circles and reduce swelling.
  • Multi-Face Detection Each face function you can touch up is your group shot.

Cutouts and object spacing make it all you!

Focus with a smart removal object

  • Like a green screen for your photos, cut out of the subject of the image, it creates a fun new background for a special effect.
  • An intelligent substance removal tool that you cannot find in other applications is beauty
  • Unnecessary background objects or even people, all your photos!


  • Easy access to editing application
  • Variety of beautification services
  • Good image quality in low light mode
  • Amazing and cool editing effects

How to use

There are many things you can do with this application for sure. From them, you can reflect on the moon and share your photos with your friends. YouCam Perfect - Selfie Photo Editor for Android stands for Basic Simple Thing Concept. Start by placing a view, gratings, collage or sample photo of your photo you choose. Add stickers to the magic brush photo. When you do not have to worry. Smart Collage Checks to see your face. It retains an important role for you. Once you have it you can share it on your favorite social networks.

User Reviews

User 1: This app is great ... this effect is processed by the app or the look you need to get a photo and auto-fills .... and one thing is ... no watermark, that's why ... last love this App ... I've been 3 and four years this incredibly long

User 2: I love this camera. Recently since I bought a new phone cover to save me the sale. Becomes, he told me that I got a camera when I got home I would hate with.n so depressed because I would take photos of myself like that. My son saw I was very sad that I got an application for me in Canada. What I need to improve. !!! IM SO HAPPY.THANK US

User 3: I would like to give this 5-star rating. I will not leave any other camera app you use. Now !! Install the 5-star app. Or stick and what is wrong for you.

User 4: Very good app! This love is much better than my cell phone camera, even free with a free version. Try a lot of camera applications, but that seemed to satisfy most.

Cosa c'è di nuovo

NEW Photo Blender Tool for you to edit photos like a pro! Plus, unleash your creativity with our new effect packs and fonts!
New Features:
  • New Blender tool (found in “Add Photo” tab) lets you create amazing double exposure photos
  • 2 new effect packs: Myth & Urban Ambience
  • New fonts: Latina, Sakbunderan, Tanomuze Cowboy & Ptolemy and more